Nigerian’s Cast Olajumoke Orisaguna’s Story Against Daniel Dada Ayodele’s

Eject all the negativity, all the truly high-handed logical reasoning and the story of Olajumoke Orisaguna is a sincerely inspirational one. It’s a story that has traversed barriers and gone even beyond the bounds that it’s initial human storyteller, photographer TY Bello, must have initially imagined. Some circles have defined the entire episode and its aftermath as the Nigerian dream and for a country which is hard pressed to settle on one thing as its heart and spirit considering the veritable diverseness of it’s people, that is indeed saying something.

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Olajumoke Orisaguna, quite by complete accident, stumbled onto greener pastures when she walked in on a shoot for British-Nigerian recording artist Tinie Tempah, whilst good-naturedly going about her bread-selling business in Lagos. She was soon enough sought out, spruced up and launched as a model/inspirational character.

Her story has featured on CNN as well as a number of prominent blogs and she’s got more deals than people who have been in the business for a good number of years. Practically all Nigerians have found her story applause worthy and those Nigerians have generously lathered on praise for all involved, however, there were a few who stood aloof from it all, coming in only to offer a cautionary word either for Olajumoke, her husband, or the public enraptured by her story, but all the same, it’s safe to say that Olajumoke became the darling of Nigerian media.


Fast forward a couple of days and Daniel Dada Ayodele, a graduate of Psychology from the University of Lagos, breaks all types of records when he emerges with an outstanding 5.0 CGPA, a first of its kind feat in the Department of Psychology since the institution was established 54 years ago.

The reaction to his achievement seemed a little bit delayed and not as widespread, a fact that Nigerian twitter did not seem to miss and OAP Freeze, actually called Nigerian’s out on what he deemed their ‘poverty mentality’ for celebrating Olajumoke ahead of Daniel. With no holds barred, Olajumoke immediately became a face for a different kind of propaganda, as the long discussed outrage over why entertainment and fashion was rewarded higher than education in the country was brought forward.

entVSeduThere is no doubt that both stories are inspiring and Daniel Dada Ayodele probably deserves more chops for his achievement, considering the often difficult climate in Nigeria’s education system; so we’ll just go ahead and say a hearty, WELL DONE!!!

That being said however, is there really a disparity in the reward system of education vs entertainment or fashion? Isn’t is basically unfair to cast both stories in the same light seeing that entertainment by its very nature, demands attention, that it is in fact the entire point for it and if indeed that disparity exists, aren’t we the public, the ones funding it? How readily do you open an article on education, as compared to one on entertainment?

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