Nigerians Rally To Buy Nigerian Products To Raise The Naira

Necessity, they say is the mother of invention. Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari decided against the IMF’s advice to devalue Naira, and as Nigeria’s official currency continues to free fall, Nigerians are rallying to buy more of Nigerian products to raise the Naira.

Recently, there was a Made In Aba Trade fair which was geared towards exhibiting products that are made in Nigeria and by Nigerians. Aba is a major production hub for utility goods in the southeast of Nigeria. The fair took place at the country’s capital, Abuja. At the fair, the Senate President vowed to support local manufacturers through the implementation of policies.

“I am here because I fully support this project and I commend all the manufacturers of these products: you are pace setters in this country.

“As a country, we have no choice than to give you the full support that you have worked for, that you deserve and you will have.

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“I am standing before you this afternoon, along with my colleagues, to give you the assurance that today we open a new chapter for the support of made in Nigeria goods in this country.

“I want you to hold me to my words because one of the first steps that we are going to take is to amend the procurement to ensure that government `shall’ patronize you.

“I shall work with my colleagues to ensure that the ‘may’ in the procurement act is replaced with `shall’ so that we can start this journey to ensure made in Nigeria goods are patronized,” the Senator said.

However, Nigerians were having none of it, most urged the senate president to do more and talk less, implying that it was not enough to ‘support’ Made In Nigeria, if he isn’t even doing that.

This led to conversations on the pros and cons on buying Nigerian-made goods. Some argued that they wouldn’t necessarily be buying Nigerian made products if the quality is below par while some fully supported the movement, urging Nigerian manufacturers to publicize their products.

Will you be buying Nigerian? Let us know what you think of this movement.

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