Nigeria’s Peace And Unity Is Not Negotiable – SUN

A political and pro-Buhari group identified as Stand Up for Nigeria (SUN) led by Abiona Desmond has passed a vote of confidence on President Buhari’s administration, maintaining that the president’s mission to sanitize the nation were already yielding results.

Members of the South West Coordinating office of SUN demonstrated their solidarity for Buhari’s administration by way of organizing a peaceful sensitization march in Lagos.

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The group stepped out en masse distributing fliers as they made their march through Ikeja, Opebi, Allen Avenus, Lagos State House of Assembly and then the official residence of Lagos State governor, Akinwunmi Ambode. The group made national peace the focal point of their political gospel.

According to Patriot Abiona Desmond, West Coordinator for SUN, Nigeria is well capable of existing further in time in oneness. He says that contrary to people who think otherwise, Nigeria’s peace is not negotiable.

Addressing the large crowd that turned up for the rally, Abiona called on Nigerians to rally round their president, Muhammadu Buhari. The Stand Up for Nigeria group passed a vote of confidence on him. They also acknowledged his efforts to rid the country of corruption in a little more than one year of his administration.

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He particularly dedicated this pro-Buhari march to disagree with the growing call from all and sundry to ‘restructure’ Nigeria. Abiona Desmond is certain that the so-called restructuring bandwagon are wrong if they think disintegration of Nigeria will solve all the problems that the nation has.

“This is why we are today holding this march to not just add our voice to the discourse but to demonstrate our preparedness to back our position with action when the need arises.”

“For us, the demand for restructuring is a coded way of calling for the disintegration of Nigeria, which is why we rightly concluded that it is not the way to go. We have seen several groups and eminent persons hyping restructuring as if it is a cure all for all the things that are wrong with the country, whereas the main issues are not being addressed.”- Abiona Desmond, Stand Up for Nigeria.