Nigeria’s WAEC And The Processing Fee Saga

The West African Examination Council exams, is the highly anticipated and esteemed final battle for every Nigerian secondary school leaver aspiring to a tertiary education and the students do go all out for it.

With months of practice, registration, frenzied prayers and extra lessons, the period and its aftermath can either be a terrible one or a crown of success for the student.

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It would seem however that a number of excellent students who were about to get a pat on the back; beyond the regular parental one that makes all the prior reading worth it; are about to be denied that opportunity by the examination body. A pro-education non-profit named Edubox had apparently in December reached out to WAEC after finalizing arrangements for grants of N400,000 for each of the best performing students in the 2014/2015 exams.

In essence, they wanted to give each best performer across the 36 states of the federation N400,000 in a bid to encourage future participants in the exams. Edubox had forwarded a request to WAEC in a letter asking for the information on these students and had apparently been quite shocked to receive a reply requesting for a total of one million, eight hundred and fifty thousand naira only (N1,850,000) for what the body christened as data processing costs.

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As shocking as this revelation may be, WAEC did speak to NewsroomNG on the matter and defended its stand stating that the students information is not public property and processing of results is one of the services that the body offers and so the information will not be released except the fee is paid.

Most Nigerians are not having any of it though, venting their anger over the matter via social media, they seem to agree with Edubox which had described this particular policy of the examination body to NewsroomNG as; “ridiculous, counter-productive, anti-progress and anti-education”.

We do really hope that the students in question do not lose their pat on the back as we, like most Nigerians are left speechless by the actions of WAEC.

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