Nina Altuve – Biography, Age, Height and Facts About Jose Altuve’s Wife

Nina Altuve counts among the few lucky women who are enjoying blissful marriages despite being married to celebrities. Nina came to the spotlight for being the wife of the popular Venezuelan professional baseball player, Jose Carlos Altuve. Jose Altuve is as of 2019 the second baseman for the Major League Baseball club, Houston Astros.

Nina has been with the baseball star for close to a decade and a half with no unpleasant headlines. But apart from being the wife of Altuve, Nina has got her own life, and her own story too. Join us as we take an interesting ride through the life of Jose Altuve’s wife – from her biography, down to her relationship with Jose, and other very incredible facts about her. You’ll sure enjoy the ride. Let’s go!

Nina Altuve Biography (Age)

Nina Altuve was born as Giannina Elizabeth Cimetta Sandoval on 2nd February 1992 in Maracay, Aragua, Venezuela. She also grew up in Venezuela and holds the country’s citizenship. Nina is the only daughter of her parents who raised her alongside her two brothers, Alfredo David, and Justo Emilio.

Nina married Jose Altuve on 20th November 2006. After their marriage, she continued her education to the university, graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Bioanalytics from the University of Carabobo, Venezuela. While she was away in school, Jose on his own part pursued his baseball career.

Towards the end of 2016, Nina welcomed her first child with Jose Altuve, a daughter named Melanie. The couple has maintained a very blissful relationship in their more than a decade union, with no rumors of separation or marital issues.

Nina Altuve
Nina with her daughter and husband image source

Following her graduation, Nina is yet to openly practice her profession. She appears to be presently occupied with the business of supporting her husband and family. She is apparently relishing her wifely and motherly role at the moment.

Nina is always seen attending events alongside her hubby. She also watches most of his matches live during which she plays as his number one fan and cheerleader. She also travels a lot with her husband and daughter, mostly on vacations to scenic and breathtaking places. Some of the places they’ve holidayed in include Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida; Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic; Paris, France; New York City, among other places.

Her Height

Nina Altuve is not blessed with a tall height. She stands at 5 feet 4 inches, an equivalent of 1.63 meters. Nina has, however, got nothing to worry about as her husband is not endowed either. She is less than 2 inches shorter than Jose Altuve who has a near average height of 1.68 meters. It may interest you to know that Jose is the all-time second shortest player MLB history. He almost lost his opportunity to play for the Astros as a result of his height, but he is currently proving them all wrong!

Her height aside, Nina is a pretty lady with nice body build. She is blessed with beautiful dark brown hair and black eyes.

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Facts About Jose Altuve’s Wife

1. Nina Altuve Married at the Age of 14. She and Jose started dating way back in their teenage years. Their love was so intense that they couldn’t even wait to complete high school education before making it official. The lovebirds reportedly tied the knot as teenagers aged 14 (Nina) and 16 (Jose). Quite unbelievable!

2. Nina and Jose Altuve celebrated their 10 years of being together in 2016. The lovely couple posted a photo in honor of the occasion on Instagram.

3. Her husband, Jose Altuve is also a Venezuelan. Just like Nina, he was also born and raised Maracay, a city famous for baseball.

4. Nina’s daughter Melanie helps her husband play baseball better as she enhances his winding down time after both his good and bad games. According to Jose, Melanie whom they refer to as “little princess” fits perfectly into his life, and she is all he does after baseball. Jose won the 2017 World Series as a Houston Astro, and Melanie must have helped him achieve the feat!

5. Nina’s hobbies include traveling, paragliding, and hanging out at the beach.

6. Busted Coverage magazine named Nina Altuve in their 2016 list of Hottest WAGS of the year’s MLB Players.

7. Nina holds her relationship and family in high esteem. They are her number one priority, and this is vividly reflected on her Instagram account which is overflowing with enviable photos from their lovely moments.

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