Nina Gray (Dr. Nina Beverly Hills) – Biography, Net Worth And Husband

Nina Gray is a dentist whose works and contributions in the field of medicine has not gone unnoticed as she has been honored with Top Doc LA Award. Serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Dental Plus California, Gray has made a worthwhile contribution to dentistry-related development projects and research works including her indispensable input in the development of dental stem-cell banking. As a result, she has been associated with many medical associations such as the American Dental Association and California Dental Association.

Aside from carving a niche in the medical arena, Nina Gray has broadened her horizon by engaging in vlogging through her YouTube channel titled Dr. Nina Beverly Hills which stands tall with a subscriber count of more than 100 thousand. She is also famously known as the mother of two social media Personalities, Nicolette and Blair Gray. Having been featured in several videos uploaded by her eldest daughter on her YouTube channel, Gray has gained much attention with her Instagram following on the increase on a daily basis. Below are more interesting details about the vlogger.

Nina Gray’s Biography

The award-winning dentist made her arrival into the family of Dr. Mohsen Moghaddan on 23rd August 1974 in the United States of America. After completion of her high school education, Nina Gray enrolled at the University of California where she obtained a degree in Psychology and graduated with the class of 1997. She later studied Dentistry at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine situated in Boston, Massachusetts.

Working as a dentist, Nina Gray has taken part in some research works that are related to dentistry including the development of the teeth-whitening system. Following her contributions in the field of medicine, she has held prestigious positions in many organizations which includes serving as the chairman of Pearl Brite Concepts, Inc. medical advisory board. She is equally among the executives of Delta Entertainment Group Inc. and has associated herself with many medical organizations such as the California and the American Dental Associations. Additionally, she is a fellow of the National Association of Professional Women.

Nina Gray has achieved an illustrious career in the field of dentistry having established Dental Plus California for which she serves as the Chief Executive Officer. Following her service in the medical field which has spanned close to two decades, the gorgeous medical practitioner has been publicly recognized with an award for her huge participation in several medical projects.

Working as a vlogger, Nina Gray is a tyro who just launched her YouTube channel in March 2019 and has been able to garner more than 100 thousand subscribers through her advocacy for fitness and healthy living. Her vlogging contents also include food-related videos (as she is very mindful of healthy eating) and travel videos as well, having created documentaries of her real-life experiences. She is also a fashion enthusiast that is obsessed with Coco Chanel products with one of her most cherished belongings being a Coco Chanel bag which she acquired with her earliest emolument.

Family – Her Husband

Nina Gray
Nina Gray with her daughter’s image source

According to some sources, Gray is a single mother who got divorced from her husband and as such, her husband’s identity is not known. She has two pretty daughters named Nicolette Gray who was born on April 15th, 2002 and Blair Gray, born on 23rd March 2007.

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Nina Gray’s first daughter, Nicolette is a social media star who works as a YouTube vlogger with her self titled channel amassing over a million subscribers. She is quite famous for her vlogs on beauty, fashion, and for documenting her lavish lifestyle. She gained vast media attention as the Beverly Hills Brat who earns a monthly allowance of $5,000 from her mother. Nina Gray once cut down the allowance to $1,500 for which they ended up on the Dr. Phil show.

Her second daughter, Blair is also an Instagram star who rose to fame by being featured in several of her sister’s YouTube videos including Meet My Sister, What We Got for Christmas, Our $50,000 Luxury Vacation, Spending $3,000 at Gucci, Buying My Sister Everything She Touches Blindfolded, My Sister Does My Make up, among others.

What’s Nina Gray’s Net Worth?

It’s quite evident that Nina Gray accumulated her earnings from her medical profession as she just recently kicked off her vlogging venture. However, her net worth is still unknown but she reportedly earns a salary of about $145,558 as a dentist in the US.

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