Nina Kouprianova – Bio, Family, Facts about Richard Spencer’s Wife

Richard Spencer is one man who regularly grabs the headlines for the wrong reasons. Apart from being a known promoter of Neo-Nazi ideology, his rhetorics have also fuelled violence on several occasions including the 2017 Charlottesville rally. Spencer made the headlines again in 2018 when his wife, Nina Kouprianova, filed for divorce citing physical and emotional abuse. The allegations surprised many as Kouprianova had been his long-time supporter and ally. Want to know more about this lady? We have got all the details right here including her age, family, as well as other facts about her.

Nina Kouprianova Bio (Age)

Nina Kouprianova (also known as Nina Byzantium) was born on the 19th of October 1988 in Moscow, Russia. Her nationality is Russian-Canadian while her ethnicity is Caucasian. When it comes to her family background, Kouprianova has not disclosed specific details about her parents’ name or her siblings. She has however revealed that her parents were scientists/academics and that she was the oldest daughter in her family. Nina Kouprianova spent the first few years of her life in Moscow before her parents were forced to migrate to Canada in the mid-90s.

Prior to that relocation, Kouprianova was fluent in Russian as well as in English and as such had no trouble communicating with people in her new environment. She, however, experienced some culture shock due to the fact of being transplanted from the Moscow metropolis to the vast grasslands of Canada. Kouprianova did not allow this to hold her back but completed her high school education and even obtained a college degree. She also obtained a PhD in modern and contemporary Russia culture and U.S. foreign policy from the University of Toronto. Since leaving school, Nina Kouprianova has made a career as a self-styled independent political analyst. She specializes in translating historic and contemporary Russian text into English. Some of the texts she has worked on include books by Russian political philosopher – Alexander Durgin.

Her Family Life

Nina Kouprianova is married to infamous white supremacist – Richard B. Spencer. Spencer was born in Boston in the year 1978. His father’s name is Rand while his mother’s name is Sherry. He grew up in Dallas Texas and attended the University of Virginia where he obtained a bachelors in English literature and music. Spencer also holds a master’s degree from the University of Chicago. Kouprianova first met her future husband via Facebook in 2009.

At that time, she was pursuing her doctorate while he was working for a far-right magazine in New York. They bonded over their shared interest in literature, art, theatre, travel, and politics, and he asked her to write blog posts for him. These blogs were of a political nature and majorly focused on happenings in America, Canada, and Russia. The two eventually fell in love and got married in a small ceremony at Niagara Falls on the 31st of August 2010. They also held a larger ceremony in Whitefish, Montana in January 2011. The couple’s union produced two daughters but their names are not currently available.

Divorce and Domestic Violence Allegations

Nina Kouprianova
Kouprianova and Richard Spencer: Image Source

Nina Kouprianova filed for divorce from her husband in 2018. The woman, who had previously supported her husband, made several serious allegations in the divorce filing. She alleged that he abused her emotionally, physically, and financially. On one occasion (January 2011), he dragged her down the stairs just because she told him that she was too sick to watch a movie with him.

On another occasion, he allegedly pushed her into a stove while she was pregnant. Kouprianova also made recordings of her husband urging her to commit suicide because she had nothing to offer the world. Her husband denied all the allegations and stated that he only yelled at her when he was frustrated. Their nanny, however, testified in her favor and stated that she had witnessed some of his violent behaviors.

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Facts To Know About Richard Spencer’s Wife

1. She is a photographer and an artist and loves shooting nature-oriented photos in places such as Russian and Japan.

2. Kouprianova is also a graphic designer and is involved in all aspects of publishing such as illustration and design.

3. She launched a GoFundMe page in order to be able to foot her divorce bills.

4. She is a supporter and admirer of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin. This is because he brought Russia back from the brink of collapse in the 90s.

5. She has received serious trolling as a result of her connection to her husband. Some people have even referred to her as the “Russian mail-order bride”.

6. Kouprianova has stated that she is a supporter of left-wing ideas such as universal health care and maternity leave.

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