There Is No Money To Pay The Super Falcons Because FG Did Not Expect Them To Win… How Sad

As disappointing as it sounds, the Minister of Sports and Youth Development, Solomon Dalong on Thursday said there was no money to pay the Falcons because they did not expect the female stars to win.

Maintaining the top spot for the 8th time at this 2016 African Women Cup of Nations, Nigeria’s Super Falcons did the country proud.

How awkward it is that the nation they represented so well in the competition did not believe in them.

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The furious Falcons reportedly flouted the orders of the NFF to vacate their accommodation in Agura hotel, Abuja, saying enough is enough.

One of the player who chooses to remain anonymous says that the NFF officials came to offer them $100 each for their transport allowance, promising to take care of their unpaid entitlements by next month.

Gravely embarrassed Nigerians have taken to social media to lament over the national disgrace. Senator Ben Murray Bruce also spoke up, urging government leaders in the sports sector to appreciate Nigerian sports talents and acknowledge them as national assets as well.

Minister Solomon Dalong met with the President over the issue in a private meeting; after which he made the rather awkward and disheartening remark about the super falcons and their Saturday victory against Cameroon.

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The minister admits that the situation with the team players was a matter of poor planning and management. However he says all is being done to rectify the problem.

“It is unfortunate that we are celebrating victory of the Super Falcons amidst some bitter feelings among the players because of some administrative lapses that were not managed properly because if the situation was explained to these girls, I don’t think the situation would have gotten to this level.”

“They have stamped their authority and dominance over football in the continent, having consistently won the trophy eight times.”

“After the girls came back from Cameroon, we had launched with them and they were in high spirits, the communication gap in trying to convey the situation to them could have been what led to it.”

–  Solomon Dalong.