No Voting Cards, No Sex; Kenyan MP Encourages Women To Influence Their Husbands To Vote

Kenya’s election coming up in August is one of the African elections to watch out for in 2017 and it promises to be very hotly contested. So how do you get people to participate in order to gain the upper hand in such a historic battle? A Kenyan MP is agitating for a no voting cards no sex move.

What is no voting cards no sex?

A female Kenyan MP called on fellow women in opposition strongholds to deny their husbands and partners sex if they do not register as voters for the general elections in August.

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Voicing out that the voter registration which began on Monday is necessary for the opposition to defeat President Uhuru Kenyatta and the governing Jubilee coalition, Mishi Mboko, the Mombasa woman representative, then went ahead to address the women who were gathered on the means they could use to ensure that people registered in droves.

No Voting Cards No Sex

Mishi Mboko asked the women to deny their spouses and significant others conjugal rights to force them to go and register and collect their voter’s card. She spoke at the Jomo Kenyatta showground at Mkomani in Mombasa where she was handing out cheques to women and youth self-help groups.

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Insisting that sex was a very powerful weapon to achieve the cause, she said that her husband had already registered and so would be spared the no voting cards no sex move. In her words;

“Women, this is the strategy you should adopt. It is the best. Deny them sex until they show you their voter’s card.”

Mishi Mboko believes that the National Super Alliance (Nasa) stood the best chance to beat President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto at the polls:

“Nasa is not going to disintegrate and it is the best alliance ever formed to beat Jubilee at its own game.”

We will have to wait till August to find out if all the scheming and conjugal deprivation actually achieved the aim of sealing the opposition stronghold’s victory over Jubilee but it seems like the pre-election season will be a rather interesting period in Kenya.