Noor Tagouri: The Muslim Woman Who Got Backlashed For Appearing in Playboy

Some weeks ago Noor Tagouri made headlines as the first hijab-wearing Muslim to be featured in the notoriously racy Playboy magazine.

Noor Tagouri is an American journalist with Libyan roots. The 22-year-old works as a reporter for Newsy.

Playboy’s October issue featuring Tagouri is part of a ‘Renegade’ series. According to Playboy, the people in this series have “risked it all—even their lives—to do what they love, showing us what can be accomplished if we break the rules.”

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She’s pictured wearing a casual outfit with her hijab on. Playboy captions it with ” Noor Makes a Forceful Case for Modesty”.

Noor Tagouri: The Muslim Woman Who Got Backlashed For Appearing in Playboy
Noor Taguri for Playboy

Tagouri’s feature in the Playboy magazine has come under praise and backlash, with both camps having compelling arguments for/against the pictorial.

Most people against the Playboy feature cite the irony of Noor’s modesty and being featured in a magazine that thrives on the exploitation of women as sex objects.

On the other camp were people who thought it was brave and empowering for the Muslim woman to be featured in Playboy. According to one of the guest commenters on the magazine’s site:

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“Noor Tagouri “Makes a Forceful Case for Modesty”…where else would a person make a case for modesty, other than to an audience that’s the complete opposite of modesty?

Guest828615 said:

“Would you all prefer she do [sic] an article only for a Modest magazine, where most of the audience will already be sharing the majority of her views and beliefs…if so, then what’s the use of her even making a case for modesty?”

Noor, who was born in West Virginia, USA, says “I constantly remind myself to just do the work I believe in and ignore the angry people behind computer screens”, when asked how she deals with backlash and criticism.