Norma Kuhling
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If you are a fan of the hit TV series Chicago Med, then Norma Kuhling’s face should be familiar to you. The American actress prior to Chicago Med got her breakthrough as Rachel in the movie Fallen, she is well known for her amazing acting skills and beautiful face. The actress began her acting career as a child actress and has appeared on various theatre stage shows such as Moonchildren. Here the story of her rise to Hollywood stardom as well as other interesting facts worth knowing.

Norma Kuhling’s Biography

She was born as Norma Zea Kuhling on December 4, 1991, in New York to her mother, Kristi Zea who is an award-winning production designer/costume designer and father, Michael Kuhling who is a Broadway producer. Kuhling was also raised in her birth town, however, it isn’t known if she grew up alone or has siblings.

Her passion for the performance arts was stirred when she was a kid and as a result, she enrolled for ballet classes before being admitted into the Double Edge theatre where she began acting before consolidating her skills in the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in 2012 graduating from there in 2014.

Norma Kuhling appeared in a movie for the first time when she portrayed the persona of Beth in the film The Joneses in 2002. She continued to appear in several movies and TV series before she was given the role of Rachel in the 2016 movie Fallen; the movie was based on Lauren Kate’s 2009 novel of the same name which tells a story of a fallen angel who was in love with a particular girl for thousands of years.

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Norma Kuhling
Norma Kuhling’s on the set of Chicago Med – Instagram

Kuhling in 2017 was cast to play the character of Dr. Ava Bekker- a South African trauma surgeon who butts heads with Connor Rhodes on professional boundaries in the hit TV series Chicago Med. She first appeared in the season two of the show as a recurring cast before she became a regular feature in the series. Her other works include the 2019 drama Fourteen (2019) where she portrayed the role of Jo Mitchel. The film tells the story of a young woman who becomes increasingly dysfunctional due to undiagnosed mental illness. She has a more stable friend who tries to help her but she constantly pushed her away. The film was written and directed by Dan Sallitt.

Other Facts About Norma Kuhling

Net Worth

Norma Kuhling is only beginning her acting career, however, should she continue at her current pace then her net worth would definitely swell. Some unconfirmed sources have claimed that she is worth $1 million but there are not enough facts to validate this as the actress’ paycheck per role isn’t known.


While fans are curious about Norma Kuhling’s love life, the actress is yet to be linked with anyone and seems to be solely focused on her career. There is also a possibility that she prefers to keep details about her love life away from the media light.

What Is Norma Kuhling’s Height?

The actress is quite tall, standing at a height of 5 feet 7 inches tall. She has brown eyes while her natural hair color is blonde. The actress obviously sports an hourglass figure but details of her body measurements are not known.

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She is a Model

Kuhling is not only earning money from her roles in movies, but also from her job as a model. Given that she is a very beautiful and stunning woman, Kuhling has been involved with various modelling campaigns and commercials. She has appeared on the front page of various magazines such as TV Guide, International Business Times, and The Hollywood Reporter.

Plays Musical Instrument – Piano and Sings Well

Norma Kuhling is a pianist, she learned how to play the piano at a very young age after she showed interest in learning how to play the instrument, she is also a trained singer.

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Social Media Presence

Norma Kuhling is quite active on social media with her favorite platform being Instagram. The actress regularly updates her fans via the photo-sharing app. A scroll through her page shows that Norma is an animal lover, she owns a big brown cat.

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