What Works Made Norman Reedus Most Famous, Who Is He Dating and What Happened to Him?

It would be mischievous for anyone to contend that Norman Reedus isn’t an accomplished actor just as it might be unforgiving to suggest he’s the best in what he does. Nonetheless, he has earned a lot of clout in showbiz, as more than being an actor, he’s also a model. Marianne Yarber and Ira Norman Reedus welcomed Norman Mark Reedus on the 6th of January 1969. Born in the Hollywood city of Florida, his ancestry has been traced to Italy. Reedus’ parents divorced when he was still a kid, and he got to live with his mother, who was once a Playboy bunny. One may be tempted to conclude that it inspired her son’s showbiz career; this is probably true.

The Actor Is Most Known for Playing Daryl Dixon In The Walking Dead

His first major work in a film was in the 1997 science fiction horror film, Mimic. In the late 90s, he landed one of his biggest roles, which is that of Murphy MacManus in the action-thriller, The Boondock Saints. He reprised the role in 2009 when the film’s sequel was released. In all the acting projects Norman Reedus has taken on, his biggest role is perhaps that of Daryl Dixon in the apocalyptic horror television show, The Walking Dead.

From the show’s inception in 2010, he has been a part of it, playing a role that was made specifically for him. His character was a recurring one in the first season of the series; he became a main cast in the second season and has portrayed the character in at least 122 episodes of the AMC horror drama. The role has won the actor numerous nominations and a handful of prestigious awards, including Satellite Awards, IGN Awards, and the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards for Best TV Supporting Actor.

Ride With Norman Reedus Is One of His Recent Significant Projects

While Daryl Dixon has remained his most notable role, Norman Reedus has been a part of many popular works both on the small and big screens. He has featured in as much as 60 films, which include Alien Invasion: S.U.M.I, Pawn Shop Chronicles, Hello Herman, The Conspirator, Overnight, and Blade II. Movies like Floating and Six Ways to Sunday won him the New England Film & Video Festival Special Jury Award for Best Acting Performance and a nomination for Gotham Awards’ Breakthrough Actor, respectively.

On the small screen, Norman has starred in popular TV shows like Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Charmed, Hawaii Five-0, American Dad! and Robot Chicken. Disregarding The Walking Dead, Ride with Norman Reedus is probably his most notable television show. Thus far, he has pulled off 18 episodes of the travel series, which revolves around him. The show premiered on AMC in June 2016, and it follows the Norman, who is a motorcycle enthusiast, as he travels across the country. In 2018, the travel series earned him a Critics’ Choice Television Awards nomination for Best Unstructured Reality Series.

He Has Been Active Since 1992, and His Earliest Works Were Appearances on Music Videos

Norman Reedus has worked as a model and happens to be a sculptor and painter as well. He is also a photographer, and some of his works are being displayed in major galleries around the world. His career in acting was one he happened to fall into; he had no definite or preconceived plans of becoming an actor. After his parents’ divorce, his mother moved around a lot, and as a result of this, Norman was able to spend some time in Japan as a child. He lived in the East Asian country until he was done with his high school education.

Thereafter, he relocated to London, the United Kingdom, with some of his friends. The actor wouldn’t settle there as he soon moved to Spain before relocating to his home country, the United States of America. He enrolled in the liberal arts educational institution, Bethany College, which is located in Kansas. But then, he only spent a semester there before leaving the university.

In America, Norman settled in Los Angeles and was at a party when someone pitched the idea of him being in a play, and he took the person up on the offer. Most of his earliest works were in music videos. Between 1992 and 1995, he was seen in at least four music videos. The first was in Keith Richards’ Wicked as It Seems (1992). After that, he was seen in Bjork’s Violently Happy (1994), and then Radiohead’s Fake Plastic Trees and R.E.M’s Strange Currencies, which were both 1995 productions.

The Actor Has Been Dating Actress Diane Kruger Since 2016

Norman Reedus
Norman Reedus and his partner Diane Kruger: Image Source

Unlike Helena Christensen, Norman Reedus took his time before he found another lover, at least to the best of our knowledge. After his relationship with Helena hit the rocks, the next serious relationship he has had is with Diane Kruger. A former fashion model, Diane is a German actress admired for the roles she has played in popular films like Troy, National Treasure, Inglourious Basterds, In the Fade, and Unknown.

Like Norman, she has been active since 1992, and her acting career has seen her bag some coveted gongs like Screen Actors Guild Awards, Satellite Awards, and much more. The two met in 2015 during the production of Skystarted dating the following year, and welcomed their daughter sometime in November 2018.

Norman Reedus Never Got Married to Helena Christensen, But They Share a Son

The first woman that Norman Reedus was publicly linked to romantically was Helena Christensen, who is a supermodel. The two were together for five years as their relationship began in 1998 and fell apart in 2003.

Being a supermodel, what Norman had with Helena was very public. The model has worked for popular brands like Versace and Armani and had dated the popular Australian musician, Michael Hutchence, before moving on with Reedus.

On the 13th of October 1999, the actor and the model welcomed a son they named Mingus Lucien Reedus. After they broke up, Helena would move on with Paul Banks, an American musician, but that didn’t get in the way of the two remaining friends and co-parents to their child.

The Accident That Almost Cost Him His Life

It happened in 2005 when Norman Reedus traveled to Germany for the Berlin Film Festival. According to the actor, he was getting a rising star award but was invited to a R.E.M. concert by Michael Stipe. The actor needed to head to a hotel after the concert to meet the director and was going to take a cab, but Stipe offered his driver. A few yards into the journey, they were rammed by an eighteen-wheeler truck, which left the actor to fight for his life, and later, his career.

Norman wears glasses since the horrible car crash

The impact of the truck threw Norman through the window onto the streets. The injuries he sustained were so ugly that he wouldn’t allow those who came to visit to see him. Also, the damages on the left side of his face warranted a surgery that left him with a titanium eye socket and four screws in his nose. Based on what the actor said, he looked like a hamburger, and it made him believe his acting career was over. Thankfully, he is still active in the industry, doing what he knows how to do best.

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