Who Is Nouveau Cheap, What Happened To Her and Where Is She Now?

The notable beauty blogger, Nouveau Cheap who goes by the nickname G, has risen to stardom as a result of her overwhelming knowledge about makeup and also, how to access them from local stores at a cheaper price tag when compared to branded cosmetics. The beautiful media personality picked up interest in makeup since she was a child and having been inspired by the stunning looks of the supermodels who make the cover of magazines, Cheap was shaped into a superb makeup artist.

With the desire to let other women know about her beauty tricks and ways of obtaining cheap and safe makeup from the drug store, the makeup artist launched her self-titled blog. She has gained the attention of a wide audience through her blogging which has helped many women rediscover their beauty in an affordable means. See more facts about the beauty blogger below.


On the 13th of December 1970 in the town of San Diego, California, Nouveau Cheap was welcomed into the world by her parents. The makeup artist has been surreptitious over her personal information. Details about her parents and siblings are not yet known. However, it has been reported that Cheap is a holder of Bachelor of Arts degree in English.

With reference to her career, the famous blogger has always harbored a keen passion for makeup since she was a child. As a result of that, she went on to launch her website where she blogs about beauty tips and tricks along with great makeup ideas, in the year 2009. She has been popularly known over the years for her amazing knowledge about accessing cheap and good quality cosmetics from the local stores which can produce the same effect as the expensive ones found in department stores.

Nouveau Cheap
Nouveau Cheap’s beauty products

Instead of spending on expensive branded beauty products, Nouveau Cheap has helped a good number of women across the globe rediscover their glows through her illustrious makeup ideas. As a result of this, she has become endeared to many, which has helped her to garner a massive fanbase.

In recent times, Cheap has also been featuring on her blog expensive branded cosmetics with impressive discounts. She has been a role model to women who love to look very attractive and superhot without emptying their savings. Nouveau Cheap is among the most popular beauty bloggers in America due to her budget-friendly beauty blogging.

What Happened To The Makeup Artist and Where Is She Now?

From the makeup artist’s last update on her blog on June 6th, 2017, she stated that she would be going for a break from blogging as a result of her mother’s illness as she was on admission in a hospital. She also cited that 2017 was a rough year for her family having that her father was also hospitalized at the same time her mom fell ill.

Since the time Cheap has been looking after her parents, she has not posted an update on her website which has aroused much curiosity in her fans as they wish to know her whereabouts for almost two years. At the moment, Cheap has not resumed her blogging activities but her followers still hope for her return sooner rather than later.

Facts About Nouveau Cheap

1. The Background of Her Blog Name

Nouveau Cheap’s blog name was derived from the phrase, Nouveau Chic which denotes that one can be extremely beautiful and sexy without spending a fortune.

2. Her Personal Relationship

Cheap is known to be in a relationship with her mystery boyfriend whose identity is not known except that she often refers to him as Mr. G and both are reportedly residing together in San Diego.

3. Cheap’s Passion for Writing

The famous makeup artist has a great ardor for writing which made her prefer pursuing her career through blogging than creating a YouTube channel. She has shared her ideas and opinions through great pieces of writings that has earned publication on the New York Times.

4. She has a Friendly Personality

Cheap has captured the heart of millions of her followers through her friendly personality as she is in the habit of carrying her readers along and also clears doubts from their minds, should they arise.

5. Nouveau Cheap’s Financial Value

Although there are no exact details about Nouveau Cheap’s financial value and earnings, she is reported to have accumulated a huge fortune from her blogging. She reportedly makes between $225 and $375 per post via her Instagram.


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