NPA Dress Code: No More Trousers And Mini Skirts In Nigerian Airports

Few days ago, the Nigerian Port Authorities modified the NPA dress code.

The agency placed a ban on the wearing of trousers, mini skirts, tight, tattered and revealing clothes for people working at the airports.

In a recent memo sent to the workers titled “DRESS CODE”, with reference number HQ/CR/AD/G.1/589, dated July, 27, the NPA issued a stern warning that there is no no room for inappropriate dressing by airport staff.

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By the content of the memo, it was revealed that the warning had been given a couple of times this year alone.

The Official memo read:

“It has been observed that despite the issuance of a couple of circulars vide HQ/GMHR/CON/G.3/128 of 25th August, 2008 and HQ/CR/AD/G.1/3039 of 19th December, 2014 on corporate Dress Code, some employees still indulge in improper dressing to the office.”

“For the avoidance of doubt, it is hereby reiterated that inappropriate dressings such tight jeans trousers, cut-off trousers, mini-skirts/dresses, tummy and navel shirt transparent/exposing outfits, spaghetti strapped dresses, mismatched clothes, rubber slippers, tattered shoes and rough hairstyles, (to mention but a few) that are unnecessary distractions would no longer be condoned and will henceforth attract appropriate sanctions.”- Y.G Bukar, NPA’s general manager, Human Resources.

Explaining the NPA dress code further, the memo stated that the management wants to ensure that the work premise represents the statutory reputation that it has always been known for.

You know what they say, you are addressed the way you are dressed.

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The memo then demanded all sectional heads to make sure that the instruction is carried out to the latter.

It emphatically stated that the dress code approved by the NPA is a simply decent and formal English wear.

The NPA dress code memo was issued with the assumption of a new NPA Chief in the person of Hadiza Bala Usman, 1 month ago. According to her, the idea is to make the NPA a world class model agency.