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The tale of the widely hunted treasure from the Oak Island has gone on for over 150 years. The treasures have been very evasive despite great efforts vested in the hunt which has consistently yielded no much fruit. None of the various ‘hunters’ have been able to unveil the secret treasure, which has left many to wonder if it actually exists or the tale is just a myth. The hunt for these treasures has taken not less than 6 lives (as recorded) and millions of dollars but has not produced the artifacts or riches which is said to be buried therein.

The hole, referred to as ‘Money Pit,’ is about 200 feet deep (or even more). The circular hole is said to be filled with shafts, waters and booby traps. The Oak Island is located within one of Canada’s maritime provinces – Nova Scotia. It is one of the three hundred and sixty small islands in Mahone Bay and it is privately owned.

History of the Oak Island

The Oak Island was originally part of the lands given to the Monro, Lynch, Seacombe and Young families after the 7 years of War of The European superpowers between 1756 to 1763. The lands were surveyed and parcellated into 32 four acre lots in 1762. And according to history, Edward Smith and Anthony Vaughn Sr. were granted the land in 1784 by the then government.

The first settlers on the Island were the McGinnis. Daniel Mc Ginnis was said to have discovered the mysterious hole that looked circular on the ground then called the attention of his friends and family to it in 1799.

Theories About The Oak Island Treasures

There are many assumptions and explanations about the hidden treasures in Oak Island. The first theory is that the circular hole holds within it the precious pieces of jewelry owned by the former Queen of France who was brutally murdered during the French unrest and uprising. Queen Marie Antoinette was said to have handed over her most exquisite and precious pieces of jewelry to the housekeeper and sent her off before the riot swallowed her and family. The housekeeper is speculated to have hidden the precious pieces of jewelry here in Oak Island with the help of a loyalist to the Royal family.

The second theory is that the Island holds within its belly the treasures of known sea pirates such as Captain Kidd and Blackbeard. The coastlines were part of the areas formerly sailed by pirates in time past which points to the reason why many believe this theory. The third and final theory is that it holds the British treasures stolen by the Spanish during the American Civil War.

Other speculations are that the Island holds artifacts from the Shakespearean era and religious materials kept by the Knight Templars such as the Holy Grail, and the Art of Covenant, etc.

Drilled Borehole of Oak Island
Drilled bore hole: Image Source

Possibilities are that the Island may not hold any treasure at all but the depression (hole) could have occurred naturally like a sinkhole as suggested by Joe Nickell or possibly a tar kiln used previously by the British Navy for storage of arms and ammunition.

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The Treasure Hunters of Oak Island

The first exploration of the circular depression was done by the first settlers McGinnis, who was recorded to have dug up to 10 to 30 feet of the hole then stopped due to superstitious beliefs. The next explorers were the Onslow and Truro company in the 1800s who dug the pit for about 90 feet then abandoned the project in 1849 because of the flooding of the shafts.

Next came the Oak Island Association in 1861 and lost one worker in the process which led to the abandonment of the site in 1864. In 1896, another band of hunters assembled, with them was a former president of the United States, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They equally lost another man named Maynard Kaiser who fell and died on the 26th of March 1897 and so they left with nothing in 1898. From the 1900s to 1959, the Old Salvage group and William Chapel/Gilbert Hedden all attempted but again they had no treasure to show for their efforts.

In 1959 (through 1966), Restall and partner dug shafts and attempted to seal the drain they thought to be a storm but in the process, Restall was overwhelmed by a gas that emitted from the hole and he fell into the void. His son tried to rescue him and also fell in, followed by two other workers. It is speculated that the gas inhaled may be carbon monoxide or hydrogen sulfide. The lease expired and exploration by Restall and Robert Dunfield ended.

Recently, the Lagina brothers, Rick and Marty took up the task of airing their treasure hunt in the popular island live on television after they purchased 50% of the Oak Land Tours from David Tobias and resumed exploration and excavation of the Money Pit with high power types of equipment and drillers from 2006 till 2016.

Other Facts

Items recovered from the Money Pit include flagstones, stones with markings, coconut fibers, charcoal, Putty, large stones with inscribed symbols, ancient looking ax, fluke anchor, a mining pick and most recently Spanish coins, twisted metals, a chest with three keys, etc.

The Oak Island is said to have been cursed and has a prophecy over it that 7 Lives must be swallowed in the Oak Island before it would vomit its hidden treasures. We wait to see who volunteers as the seventh and final sacrifice so we can know if this prophecy is true or just a fabulous tale to scare hunters away. Time will indeed vindicate the story behind Oak Island Treasure.

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