On Tuesday, January 5, 2016, the President of the United States, Barack Obama burst into tears while rendering an address on the urgency of the need to regulate the accessibility and ownership of fire arms in America. Most currently U.S has been increasingly handling cases of gun violence, claiming the lives of innocent citizens- mostly women and children.

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Statistics have it that America has the most increasing rate of gun violence in the world causing the deaths of many people in the past years. This ugly tendency has consistently infuriated the President, but the height of it was his emotional breakdown in an address on gun control. This shows a great deal of empathy on the side of the president as the world witnesses his genuine commiseration with families and people who have been victims of gun violence.

According to Times,

“Gun sales went up in the year after Sandy Hook. In the three years since the shooting, many states have expanded gun rights. There have been at least 1,000 mass shootings since the 2013 massacre”

Obama admits in one of his previous addresses that the failure in regulating the influx and access of fire arms is one area that has frustrated his administration. This became  glaringly evident as heart-broken Obama sets the motion to tackle the oddity in tearful rage, but unfortunately the change he hopes for will obviously not be in his regime. The American congress has not been exactly helpful in passing bills that will regulate gun accessibility in America.

Video Source: CNN