President For Hire: Imagine Barack Obama As The Next French President

Obama17 Campaign– Though aware of the impossibility, over 43,000 French citizens have signed a petition for the immediate past US president to be hired for the job of the French presidency.

According to the petition, Barack Obama is well qualified for the job.

Projecting a foreigner for a French presidential candidate clearing reveals the level of doubts on the people to make choices from their contesting politicians.

The campaign started out as a joke by a couple of friends who describe themselves at, “four thirty-something Parisians” .

The group made about 500 posters and put them all over Paris. And before anyone knew it what started off as a joke caught the interest of about 40 000 people and counting.

Though it is clear that there is no legal means to make that hope a reality, the signatories gathered were possibly to ridicule the worth of French candidates vying for the Presidency at this time.

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It could be described as an abysmal show of their dissatisfaction over the 4 candidates who are warming up for the elections coming up in the following months.

“The French are ready to make radical choices – that is good because we have a radical idea to propose to them,”

“To launch this 6th Republic, we wish to strike a blow by electing a foreign President as the leader of our beautiful country.”

“Barack Obama has completed his second term as President of the United States on 21 January, why not hire him as the President for France?”

On the posters and the website’s  Obama17 Campaign is the French expression “Oui on peut” meaning Yes We Can. The group aims to reach more than 1 million signatures by 15 March.


At the risk of facing the wrath of the law, and a fine of up to 3,550 euros, the 4 friends chose to keep their identities hidden.

“Because it’s still possible to vote for a president and not against a candidate. Because at a time when France is getting ready for a massive vote in favor of the far right, we can still give a lesson in democracy to the planet in electing a foreign French president,”

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In an interview with Buzzfeed, a co-founder of the Obama17 campaign said:

“I am not going to lie, all we wanted to do was to make people laugh on their way to work,”

“But on the other hand, we wanted people to think about the bigger picture than just electing a president for our country. In such a globalized world, we need to elect someone who will be able to deal with international issues, and Barack Obama surely has the power to do so.”

“We need someone who embodies modernity, serenity, integration, and certainly someone who would think twice before dropping any nuclear bomb on any country,”

Marine Le Pen, Emmanuel Macron, François Fillon, Benoît Hamon, Jean-Luc Mélenchon are candidates contesting for the Presidency of the French Republic.