Presidential Aftermath: This Is How Obama Intends To Fix American Politics; Free Advise For Africa

Obama’s Post-presidential Job– A little over 2 months and the former president of the United States is officially back in the public spotlight.

Obama  had a meeting with youth leaders on Monday at Chicago University where he shared the way forward for him after White House.

Recall that Obama gave his remarkable farewell speech in Chicago, his adoptive home.

Before now the former US president had pointed out a number of things that he had interest in engaging in.

“I love teaching. I miss the classroom and engaging with students,”

Obama worked as a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School from 1992 to 2004. There are strong speculations that he may return to his old job.

Obama’s Post-presidential job as revealed yesterday will be with the American youths.

“I’m spending a lot of time thinking about what is the most important thing I can do for my next job and what I’m convinced of is that… the single most important thing I can do is to help in any way I can prepare the next generation of leadership to take up the baton and to take their own crack at changing the world.”

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Obama's Post-presidential job

He said this while moderating a panel discussion with young activists and leaders in Chicago University.

“There’s a reason why I’m always optimistic even when things are not going the way I want and that’s because of young people like this,”

Obama is a charismatic personality who was voted into office for his young and dynamic prospects for America.

It could be wondered why the same people would turn around to vote for an entirely different personality such as Donald Trump. Let’s just say that’s life, different times warrants different wants. No 2 US presidents have similar personalities and views.

Adding to that, masses are often faced with a confusion of whom to vote for as was seen in the November elections.

While it is not exactly wise to compare the past and present administration at this time, Obama chooses a course that will serve the nation’s leadership system on a long term- Investing in the growing generation.

If young people are conversant with leadership, there would be less confusion for the people when it comes to choosing their leaders.

Being himself the youngest to become the President of the United States, it perhaps could be his desire to equip and prepare a host of youths for leadership in the nearest future.

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Obama’s post-presidential job of training young people in leadership, according to him, takes the cake of all that still needs to be done.

He noted that climate change, economic inequality and a distorted criminal justice system is still a challenge that must be addressed in the United States.  

The great talker and academician wants to particularly fix America’s dysfunctional politics by training the younger generation in being pro-active in the leadership sphere.

How It Concerns Africa

Politics is largely regarded as an institution of dirty games all over the world. However some countries’ are worse than the others.

The future of Africa is not in assets and foreign reserves, it is in the young people.

Whether the leaders of today know it or not, someday they will take over the various leadership systems in the society. The most tragic of what could happen at that moment is to have leaders who have no idea what good they can do with power.

Recycling the same dysfunctional old ways of doing things in politics is a possibility if they do not get involved in leadership early enough.

Being part of leadership does not necessarily require an invitation. It means being part and parcel of progress missions in the families, communities, villages and the larger societies.

Simply put, young people should be involved in politics and leadership.