Obayagbona Emmanuel Imafidon: Nigerian Invents Device That Guarantees Uninterrupted Power Supply

A Nigerian engineering graduate, Obayagbona Emmanuel Imafidon, has invented an electric device that traps electricity from thunder lightning.

The graduate of Electrical Engineering from the Institute of Management and Technology in Enugu, said he started working on the creation since 2006.

He is certain that the device can help the country’s epileptic power supply.

“I have been researching on generating constant power from thunder lightning.”

Obayagbona Emmanuel Imafidon says that one strike of thunder lightning will generate power that can last for about 5 years and 30 days.

The prototype has 5 zones: the power trapping zone; the annexing zone; the sensory zone(in between the annexing zone); the conversion zone and the transmission zone.

The trapping zone is made of a lightening arrestor.

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Obayagbona Emmanuel Imafidon

“There are five chambers including the trapping zone which is made of lightning arrestor. There is the storage zone and the conversion zone, which convert static energy into current electricity and transmit the energy into transmission zone.”

Imafidon’s invention traps, stores, converts and transmits electricity.

According to the young inventor, the transmission zone steps down power as high as 5 mega volts. Then the storage zones which are 5 in number stores about 25 MV.

“When it stores the 25 MV of power, the conversion zone takes one mega vote at a time, send signals to other sensory zones which shut down other sensory zones from discharging at the same time”.

Imafidon says there will be a need to create a control measure that will shut down other storage zones when one is working.

He says that the transmission zone of the power plant will step down the MV to any capacity needed.

The Edo born tech-inventor suggested that since Nigeria is currently generating 330,000 MV, his power plant has the capacity to generate 5 million volts. In other words, the nation gets to have the required 330 KV while the device stores up about 4670, 000 MV for keeps.

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Obayagbona Emmanuel Imafidon has spotted areas that will be viable for trapping the lightening power.

He said Enugu State and other riverine areas like Edo, Cross River, Rivers and Delta states of Nigeria are naturally prone to lightening.

He also suggested that the trapping zones be built by “Russians, Germany or USA in order to capture a maximum of 5 mega volts and allow 330,000 megavolts to be wasted in the atmosphere for the trapping arrestor”.

In his interview with Guardian, Obayagbona Emmanuel Imafidon succinctly described how the mechanism will be.

Due to financial constraints, he says he has not been able to trap lightening.

On that note he beckons on the Nigerian government to support his invention and augment the hydro-electricity which fails when water level reduces.

“One major advantages of generating power from lightning is that it will save Nigeria from constant blackout. Every time you hear that water level has dropped and as such we are not able to generate enough electricity”.

Imafidon has been interviewed by several universities and media houses.

He explains that his prototype for lightening energy will not just be beneficial to Nigerians but also to most African tropical countries.