Pointers to Odessa Adlon’s Roots in Entertainment, Rise to Fame and Facts About Her Boyfriend

Adlon is a name tied to prestige in Hollywood, as it either refers to Pamela Adlon or Percy Adlon; these two are forces in the industry and have attached to their names stellar performances in movies and television shows. This article is however about Odessa Adlon, a descendant (child and grandchild respectively) of those two acting greats.

Odessa has followed in the footsteps of her parents and grandparents; she is also an actress who has had roles in the NBC television movie What about Barb?, Nashville (2012- 2018), and Better Things (2016). Odessa’s future in the business seems very bright and she is one to look out for.

Odessa Joined CHAMPS to Prepare Herself for Future Forays In Entertainment

Born on the 17th of June 1990, Odessa Adlon had her future well mapped out, especially with the kind of family she found herself in, with every member of her household involved in the entertainment industry in different capacities.

Growing up, she was sent to a school in Van Nuys, California named Charter High School (CHAMPS), an art school that allows students to take courses that are predominantly in performing and digital media arts. CHAMPS prepared Odessa for her future forays into the arts.

After making her onscreen debut in an episode of Defiance, Odessa Adlon’s career as an actress kicked-off with her role in the musical drama Nashville. She joined the cast when the show got rebooted in 2017 by CMT network after it was canceled by ABC that had it run for five years.

The show follows the lives of country musicians, all fictional. Adlon had a very minor role in the project, but her appearance on the show marked the beginning of her exploits in acting.

Her Debut Role Opened An Inroad Into Other Projects

Though her debut appearance was a minor one, Adlon went ahead to secure other roles which were more prominent than the first. In 2017, she was cast in the comedy What About Barb as Ann, sharing the screen with the likes of Leah Remini and the British actress Jessica Gunning. The movie was a remake of the 1991 film What About Bob? The main twist in the remake was that it had a female actress in the lead.

Odessa has also appeared on Fox television show, Better Things, which was written by her mother Pamela Adlon alongside Louis CK. It follows the life of the lead character played by Pamela, who attempts to juggle motherhood and a successful career as an actress. In 2017, Louis CK had allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against him to which he pleaded guilty in November of the same year. His admission saw him fired from the show.

Odessa Adlon’s more recent appearances include roles in Ladyworld (2018), the 2019 television series Wayne, and in CBS’s TV comedy series Fam, where she was cast in a recurring role as Shannon. She was also in a single episode of Milo Murphy’s Law (2019). The young talent is also part of projects like Let’s Scare Julie to Death, SuperCool, Pools, and Grand Army.

Odessa Adlon Hails from a Family That Lives for Entertainment

Pamela Fionna Adlon a renowned actress, writer, and producer and Felix Adlon a movie director, screenwriter, and producer welcomed their first child Odessa Adlon in 1999 – which was three years into their marriage. We can say that Odessa’s acting skills took root right from the cradle before she even made it to CHAMPS to polish-off the rough edges.

Even the two siblings that came after her, Gideon and Rocky, seem to be taking the same career path as their parents. Her grandparent Percy Adlon was equally among the greats in the movie world; needless to say, she was spurred on by all these celebrities in the family.

Pamela Adlon

Odessa Adlon
Pamela Adlon: image source

Odessa’s mother is the renowned actress Pamela Adlon who has had various roles in movies and television shows, some of which are Grease 2 (1982) Waiting for Woody (1998), Californication (2007-14), First Girl I Loved (2016), and Bumblebee (2018). She has also lent her voice acting talents to the animated movies Tinker Bell and The Great Fairy Rescue (2010), King of the Hill (1997-2010), and several video games.

Pamela has also worked as a writer, actress, and producer on the television show Better Things. She is a multiple award winner who has an Emmy and a Peabody to her name.

Felix Adlon

Odessa Adlon
Felix Adlon: image source

Felix Adlon, Odessa’s father is mostly known as the son of Percy Adlon; a multiple award-winning movie director, screenwriter, and producer who is of German descent. Percy Adlon is also a powerhouse in the movie industry and has received recognition for his movie Bagdad Café.

Felix also happens to be a writer and has produced some movies. He met Pamela in high school and that was where they began their relationship. The two started to date in high school, got married, but got divorced in 2010 after which Felix returned to his home country, Germany.

Gideon Adlon

Odessa Adlon
Gideon Adlon: image source

Gideon is an actress who is gradually making her way in the world of entertainment. She is best known for the comedy movie titled Blockers (2018).

Rocky Adlon

Odessa Adlon
Rocky with her sisters Odessa and Gideon: image source

Rocky is the youngest member of the Adlon family and also earns a living as an actress. It may be early days for this Adlon daughter, but she has already earned recognition for her role in Conception.

Percy Adlon

Odessa Adlon
Percy Adlon: image source

Paul Rudolf Parsifal “Percy” Adlon is Odessa’s grandfather, a German director, screenwriter, and producer best known for his film Bagdad Café. The senior Adlon is associated with the New German Cinema movement.

The Actress Dated Jaden Smith

Odessa Adlon
Odessa Adlon and Jaden Smith (image source)

Odessa Adlon is known to have only dated one person – singer and actor Jaden Smith. Jaden’s acting credits include The Pursuit of Happyness, The Karate Kid, The Day the Earth Stood Still, and After Earth. He is equally into business with a clothing line to his name. Jaden came from a privileged background; his parents are Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith.

The two started to date in 2017 and Jaden had previously dated Sarah Snyder who is a model. Smith and Adlon were seen together publicly on various occasions; they attended Odessa’s prom together. It is not sure how the two met as Odessa maintains a pretty low profile, going as far as locking her Twitter account. However, it has been established that their relationship took-off sometime in 2017, and they were first spotted together in April 2018.

Why Their Relationship Hit The Rocks

They had their first walk on the red carpet at the premiere of Pamela Adlon’s television series Better Things in 2017. The next year, the young couple made the news with a picture of them wearing matching outfits at Odessa Adlon’s prom on the 30th of May.

A couple of months later, an announcement came from Jaden stating that he was set to feature his girlfriend on his Syre: The Electric EP. When it dropped on July 12, 2018, it was discovered that Odessa provided vocals for the track Fallen.

Though it is hard to say exactly when they called it quits, but from what is perceivable, their dalliance fizzled out sometime in 2018 as Jaden came out to declare his gay relationship with Tyler Gregory Okonma who is a fellow rapper. However, things were never cleared up as Tyler himself was in the video where Jaden made the announcement; his only response was to shake his head and claim that Jaden is crazy. Thus we cannot say whether it was a joke or fact

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