Ohaneze Fights For Decapitated Bridget Aghahime; Threatens A Shut Down In Kano

Just like IPOB reacted towards the legal blunder of releasing 6 murder suspects by a Magistrate court, Ohanaeze has equally registered their anger and threatens to shut down the city of Kano, Nigeria, if justice will not be served in Bridget Aghahime’s case.

Last Saturday, indeed a lot of Nigerians and personality like Reno Omokri dished out their frustrations over the gruesome murder of Bridget Aghahime and the suspicious release of her killers.

Bridget was beheaded  for requesting a Muslim not to wash his legs in her business premise.

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Taking up the case and not letting it casually slip is the Ohaneze Ndigbo youth group. As they threaten to shut down the northern city if nothing is done to revert the release of the 6 murder suspects.

In line with the accusation of the IPOB that the Kano State government has a hand in their release, Ohaneze emphatically points that there was no way in the legal system that a Magistrate court could preside over a murder case.

The pro-Igbo association in the north are concerned that the release of the criminals will only breed more violent and unjust cases like the death of their daughter and sister, Bridget. It clearly shows that Igbo’s are not safe in the northern State.

While the IPOB advise Igbos in the north to come back home to the east for the sake of their lives, Ohaneze intends to fight this out to the end.

They have requested Igbo youths in Kano to come out en masse for a protest against the release of Bridget Aghahime’s killers.

The protest is scheduled for Friday 11th November, 2016, to be led by the National President, Mazi Okechukwu Isiguzoro.

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In an official letter by the Ohaneze youths, the group called out to Governor Rochas Okorocha, chairman of APC Governors Forum as well as the governor of the home state (Imo) of Bridget Agbahime, to obtain justice for the deceased.

“We appeal to the Chairman of the APC Governors’ Forum, Owelle Rochas Okorocha, to urge his Kano state counterpart, Alhaji Umar Ganduje, to ensure the protection of lives and properties of Ndigbo. The Emir of Kano, Alhaji Lamido Sanusi and other Arewa leaders should intervene. We warn that if such thing happened again, we will hold Arewa leaders responsible.”