Ojo Maduekwe Former Nigerian Minister Passes On

Nigeria’s former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ojo Maduekwe has lost his life battle to death.

A few hours after the literary icon, Elechi Amadi passed on at the Good Heart hospital in Rivers, Ojo Maduekwe followed suit at a hospital in Abuja.

Ojo Maduekwe is a key member of the opposition party, People’s Democratic Party (PDP). He was recently appointed the secretary of the PDP Board of Trustees before his demise.

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He served as Minister of Culture and tourism, Minister of Transport during the Olusegun Obasanjo administration, and Minister of Foreign Affairs during the Yar’Adua administration. He also served as National Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

The chairman of the Board of Trustees Walid Jibrin said, “he passed on at a critical time when we needed him most. I was waiting for him to come back from U.S. where he traveled to so that we can find a way of addressing the problems in the party,

“He was a good man and an intelligent person, who can always find a way out of situations. The party will mourn him. We have lost a great man. I would have loved to come back immediately, but we have started the process already, but I will devote my time here in Saudi Arabia to pray for his family,” he said.

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Many will remember Ojo Maduekwe as the bicycle-riding Minister of Transport. During his tenure as Minister of transport, he advocated for the use of bicycles as a major mode of transport in cities. As if to prove his point, he rode on a bicycle to a Federal Executive Council meeting. This earned him the nickname, ‘Ojo Oni Keke’.