Okielant Nkosi Has Two Kids With His Wife Sindi Dlathu – All About His Family

Sindi Dlathu has been married to her husband, Okielant Nkosi, for years now and they reportedly have two children together, however, details about them, including their names are not known.

Sindi Dlathu is one of the most famous actresses in South Africa and perhaps beyond. But the same cannot be said about her life partner Okielant Nkosi. The duo have been married for several years and unlike other celebrities who don’t hesitate to flaunt their family life on all social media platforms, the Muvhango actress has distinguished herself from the pack by keeping her family affairs away and secured from the eyes of the public.

Despite the secrecy, it came to the fore that Sindi and Nkosi are parents to two children who have been growing quietly away from the prying eyes of the media. However, we have been treated to some tidbits about the couple’s union.

Okielant Nkosi and Sindi Dlathu’s Life As A Couple

Though we cannot lay our fingers on the exact date of their wedding, South African actress Sindi Dlathu and her husband Okielant Nkosi have been cohabiting as husband and wife for some years. Apart from not knowing when they exchanged their marriage vows, other details about their wedding such as the venue, the type of ceremony (traditional or church), and the guest list are also shrouded in mystery.

The actress is highly secretive with details of her personal life even before marriage, thus, it is impossible to know how their paths crossed in the first place. Coming to their day-to-day life as a couple, Sindi is not one to gush over her spouse on social media, neither does Nkosi, thus, they have never shared anything pertaining to their marriage. Most of the social media posts we get to see from the actress are all centered on her career.

The Couple Appear To Be Enjoying Marital Bliss

Even in the absence of social media updates, it remains obvious that Okielant Nkosi and his wife Sindi are enjoying blissful matrimony. However, like every other couple, they do get their fair share of marriage troubles but going by the fact that none of it has filtered out to the public arena, the duo must be adept at handling things. Being able to sustain their union for a long time has made the Nkosis a role model for marriages and other relationships in SA.

Also, within the circle of the entertainment industry which has been bathed with shotgun marriages and relationship troubles, the Nkosi family is among the most admired. Their rise to fame is literally linked to Dlathu’s stellar onscreen performances and her propensity to shield her family life from becoming permanent fixtures on the tabloids helps in curtailing relationship troubles. Not being a constant fixture on social media has not doused the actress’s shine one bit, rather, it increased curiosity among fans and the general public cannot help but view her with admiration. Some industry colleagues whose marriages have failed because of too much publicity sure has a thing or two to learn from Okielant Nkosi and Sindi Dlathu.

The Marriage Has Produced Two Kids

Okielant Nkosi and his wife Sindi Dlathu are not just secretive about their lives as a married couple, the duo extended the secrecy to their offsprings. With their wedding done and dusted, the couple never deemed it necessary to update fans about the happenings in their lives, including the birth of their children. However, it soon filtered out that they are already parents to two lovely kids but kept the info shrouded. Thus, no one knows their date of birth, city of birth, sex, name, whereabouts, and the likes. While some people didn’t take it well that Sindi is not sharing her life with fans, others believe that the actress just wants her kids to live a life as close to normalcy as possible.

Even though they chose to keep their children away from the penetrating eyes of the public, we are certain that the couple has remarkable parenting skills and is training their kids to develop into responsible adults. For the time being, Sindi has not revealed if any of their children are showing signs of following in the path of the performing arts. Sindi’s secrecy notwithstanding, fans are really hoping that she will one day let them into her world. However, time will tell if the actress will let her guard down and share some details about her family life.

Why Okielant Nkosi’s Wife Is Averse To Sharing Family Moments

Despite being a celebrity of high standing, Sarafina actress, Sindi Dlathu has succeeded in places where several others failed. The SA beauty has proved to the world that one can be an A-list celeb and still manage to keep their family affairs private. She has proved beyond reasonable doubt that famous and discreet can both be used to describe a single person, all you need to do is desist from discussing your personal affairs in the public arena and anything sensitive should never find its way to any of the social media platforms.

You will never see her husband and children’s photos on social media and despite the displeasure expressed by some fans who would love to get a glimpse of her life away from the camera, the South African entertainer seems to be comfortable with the situation. Besides, we have witnessed instances where many celebs who try to give out too much info about their private lives were grossly misunderstood. Many have faced judgment at the hands of fans and there are still some that received very harsh bashing and criticisms. Looking closely at her situation, one may not be too far from the truth to conclude that this may well be among the reasons Okielant Nkosi’s wife is averse to sharing family moments with fans on social media.

Even without the actress sharing family moments with fans, it is still believed that she is able to take a break and spend quality time with her husband and children. Fans have also concluded that they are just like every other family, they love to go on vacations from time to time, celebrate special occasions like birthdays and wedding anniversaries. It is just that they (fans) have long given up hopes of seeing photos of them on social media. This may linger for a while as the actress seems to be happy with the way things are and nobody would blame her, considering the negative effect too much media attention has on celebrity marriages.


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