Nigerian Pastor Gets 5 Babies After 10 Years Of Praying For One Baby

Okon Quintuplets – On January 11, 2017, a Nigerian Pastor and medical doctor who has been childless for 10 years, welcomed 5 babies at once.

The quintuplets came unexpectedly. The father of the babies, Dr. Edet Okon said at most they expected 3 babies, little did they know that 2 more will be coming along.

“We were planning for one baby at a time or three at most, but five came at the same time. Now, we have got more than what we prayed for…

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Edet and his wife hail from different parts of Cross River State, Nigeria. As Christians, the couple believed that children will come in due season.

“I was ordained a pastor in my former church 15 years ago where I also served as music director and so, with that faith, I knew that one day we would have a baby to make our joy complete as a family.”

Cross River Watch notes that the birth of the Okon quintuplets is the first of its kind in the state.


Edet and his wife are grateful for their quintuplets. They have no doubts God gave them the children to bless their marriage. Their initial plan was to have 3 children; but fate set in and changed the game.

On whether they will have more children in future, the pastor said an emphatic “no”. He says the quintuplets are “more than enough”.

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On the other hand, Edet confesses that the quintuplets will be 5 times as financially demanding than they budgeted for.

“I am beginning to feel the bite because if a test is to be conducted, it has to be for five; if you have to buy anything, it is for five. In this period of recession, it has not been easy.”

“Five children at a go; I want to thank God almighty, He’s a faithful God. The first time in the history of Cross River State, the first time in the history of UCTH. God has been faithful as we have concluded the first phase and doctors have confirmed that the babies are kicking.”

“We are entering into the second phase and I know it’s not going to be easy but I solicit for support from all well-meaning Nigerians, all my friends and well-wishers.”

Dr. Linda Ayade, the Wife of the Governor, visited the hospital where the Okon quintuplets were delivered. She expressed her delight over the development; and in response to Dr Edet’s plea for financial assistance, the first lady gave the family a donation of N1 million.