Who Is Oliver Peck – Kat Von D’s Ex-husband, His Medical Condition And Net Worth

Tattoos have become a more serious part of making a fashion statement. This is evident in the fact that the most popular figures in the entertainment circle have embraced this culture of body mark designs. This, in turn, has made tattoo artists one group of sought after talents. One of such Ink artists who is equally regarded as one of the industry’s oldest and most respected figure is no other than the American Tattoo Artist Oliver Peck.

Peck’s ability to blend both artistic uniqueness and quality made him stand out of the crowd from the very beginning of his career path. This is evident in the fact that the businessman’s wide range of services have seen him travel to quite a number of states and countries of the world like Japan, Germany, Norway among others mining and selling his trade to many. He owns one of the coolest tattoo stores in Los Angeles known as True Tattoo Studio and jointly shares Ownership of the over 2 decades old ink store Elm Street Tattoo along with Dean Williams.

Besides his work with inks, Oliver Peck has been one of the Primary/main judges of the American Reality show Ink Master alongside Dave Navarro and Chris Núñez since its inception in 2012. Find out here what led to his divorce from his ex-wife Kat Von D and his current medical condition as well as his net worth.

Who Is Oliver Peck? 

The renowned tattoo master who was birthed in Dallas, Texas, USA in 1971 celebrates his birthday on the 29th of every July and is the son of Diane Lucas. As a young man, Oliver Peck had an inclination for arts and drawings. He was a popular regular high school kid who was well known for his exceptional skating skill which left many of his peers green with envy. Unfortunately, he mixed up with the wrong crowd and soon started doing hard drugs until a jail stint made him turn a new leaf.

Oliver Peck’s eventual timely meeting with Stell, a tattoo artist, helped polish and set the young seventeen-year-old in the right career path which has today made him a global entity/phenomena.

His stay at the Pair O Dice Tattoo shop in Texas brought his buried artistic skills to the fore and made him put it good use. By 1996 when he was done brushing up and being very good at what he does, Peck teamed up with Dean Williams in 1996 to jointly own a Tattoo place that they called Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas his home town.

Oliver Peck
Oliver Peck inking a client- Instagram

In a bid to cater to the more famous and glamorous individuals in Hollywood, Oliver Peck took his business to them in Los Angeles when he opened his tattoo store known as True Tattoo there. By 2008, he took over the World Guinness title from his ex-wife Kat Von D for the most number of tattoos done within 24 hours, setting a new record of 415 tattoos as against Kat’s previous record of 400.

Oliver Peck is no doubt one of the best ink artists of all time, little wonder he was selected to be among the main judges for the American Reality show Ink Master in 2012, a show he has consistently graced till date.

How Much Is His Net Worth?

The Ink Master Judge’s net worth is estimated to be well above $500 Thousand. He is one of the oldest tattoo gentlemen in the show and although he had missed some episodes, he has sure earned a good salary per episode for his appearances on the show.

It is reported that per month, he earns about $30,000 from the show as his take home. Additional income also flows in from his work as a Tattoo artist as well as his Tattoo Shops True Tattoo and Elm Street Tattoo.

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His Marriage To Kat Von D (Ex-Wife) 

The Guinness World Record holder was the first man fellow tattoo artist Kat Von D ever married. Kat is a former Model, cum Tattoo artist and a Makeup line owner as well as TV personality. The couple got wedded in 2003 but their happiness was short lived as they parted ways four years after in 2017. Oliver Peck revealed in an interview that they separated because of Kat’s heavy drinking habit and her eventual marital infidelity with Jesse James. While the union lasted, they had a daughter together but it’s not clear what her name is or where she is.

Oliver Peck picked up the pieces of his broken heart when he found love again with a lady simply identified as Audra Cabral. The couple has been seen together everywhere and he also flaunts her pictures on his social media handles.

His Medical Condition

The Dallas born, Ink Master judge was missing during some of the episodes of the 9th season of the show in August 2017. Apparently, he had suffered a cardiac arrest that eventually saw him undergo surgical intervention. But he recovered quickly enough to join his fellow panel of judges for the final stage of the season, helping to give his own overall evaluation of the contestants on the show. He assured all his fans and well wishes that he felt better than he did previously and was way stronger too.


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