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Since the beginning of Hollywood, British actors have often headed to the United States with the hopes of making it big in Hollywood. Some have fallen by the wayside while others, such as the likes of Eddie Redmayne, Benedict Cumberbatch and Idris Elba, have achieved immeasurable success. One person who is making a similar move and seeking to replicate this success is Oliver Stark, an actor who has appeared in several British TV dramas and independent films. He has also scored main roles on popular Hollywood series such as Into the Badlands and 9-1-1.

Oliver Stark’s Bio & Age

Oliver Leon Jones was born on the 27th of June 1991 in London, England. He grew up in North London and attended Hedon School from 2002 to 2009. While growing up, Stark loved theatre and therefore studied for several years at the North London Performing Arts Centre. Despite this, he did not really consider acting as a possible career option.

Upon graduating from secondary school in 2009, Oliver Stark did a variety of odd jobs, including being a call center operator and salesman, whilst trying to figure out what to do with his life. He even thought of studying economics in the university but later discarded the idea. During this period of uncertainty, Stark was offered a part in a short film that was made by one of his pals. He found that he enjoyed the entire experience and this rekindled his love for acting. He, therefore, featured in several more student short films and was soon able to build up a respectable demo reel. Stark subsequently sent the reel out to agents and the rest, as they say, is history.

Movies And TV Shows

Oliver Stark made his professional debut in 2011 in a short film titled Follow. Since then, he has featured in other movies such as Community, The Adventurer: Curse of the Midas Box, Montana, Hard Tide, Underworld: Blood Wars and MindGamers. The London-born Stark has enjoyed even greater success on the small screens. He has appeared in popular British TV shows such as Luther, Casualty, Dracula, Big Bad World, and Venus vs Mars.

Oliver Stark has also landed major roles on hit American shows such as Into the Badlands and 9-1-1. The latter, 9-1-1, is a Fox drama about a group of first responders – firefighters, police officers, and emergency dispatchers – and the never-ending onslaught of crazy crisis that they deal with. It also focuses on the various issues that they contend with in their personal lives.

In the series, Oliver Stark portrays Buck; a newly recruited firefighter who acts first and thinks later. His character also struggles with sex addiction and later commences a relationship with an older woman, Abby, who is an emergency dispatcher. Despite being a swashbuckling hero, Buck is a young man who is quite in touch with his emotional side and this has made him a fan favorite. 9-1-1 debuted in 2018 and is one of the most popular shows on the Fox Network. It has received positive acclaim and a spin-off is already in the works.

As previously mentioned, Oliver Stark also had a main role in the popular AMC series, Into the Badlands. The series is set in an apocalyptic world where civilization is in ruins, and what is left of it is controlled by ruthless barons. Stark plays the role of Ryder, the only son of one of such barons named Quinn.

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Oliver Stark
Oliver Stark with his parents and brother. Image Source/ Instagram

Oliver Stark hails from a family of four. Even though he has not disclosed specific details such as names of his family members, he has revealed that both of his parents work in the academic world; and that he has an older brother who is a physicist. The actor has also stated that his family was quite supportive of his ambitions and that they are really proud of his accomplishments.

Career Achievements

Even though his career is still relatively young, Oliver Stark has already received some accolades in recognition of his impressive showing. The Londoner was nominated for Choice TV: Breakout Star at the 2018 Teen Choice Awards. This was for his portrayal of Buck on the Fox drama, 9-1-1.

Stark’s accomplishments have, however, not come without some challenges. His move from Britain to the U.S. necessitated a lot of spending as well as readjusting his whole life. Additionally, the actor was born with a British accent but had to develop a believable American accent in order to play American roles. Stark was, however, unfazed by this and worked hard in order to be able to switch between the two accents. He has now perfected the art and fans are surprised to realize that he is British when they meet him in real life.

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Oliver Stark’s Height & Body Measurements

The TV star is 6 feet 2 inches tall and his weight is given as 74kg. His hair color is light blonde while his eye color is blue. Other additional measurements are chest – 38inches, arms/biceps – 16 inches and waist – 32 inches.

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Stark has a reddish birthmark near his eye. He has disclosed that he has never felt insecure about it and that he doesn’t like to do roles that require him to cover it with makeup. The actor’s birthmark has generated mixed reactions; while some people ask him rude questions about it, others with similar birthmarks have stated that seeing him on TV gives them confidence.

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