Olivia Pierson Biography – Is She Married Or Does She Have A Boyfriend?

The term ‘celebrity’ is no longer limited to actors, musicians and the like, not by a long shot. Many people are currently making money off the internet and becoming overnight celebrities just by looking cute on Instagram, and Olivia Pierson is one of such people.

Now we are not saying that Pierson has no business being a celebrity, she has certainly come a long way from Canada to make a name for herself in the bustling city of Los Angeles, California. She is a makeup artist, vlogger, entrepreneur, and TV personality. Between her Youtube fashion & beauty channel, a blog, beauty and fashion product line, and being a cast member on the E! entertainment TV series WAGs, Pierson is fast becoming a familiar face and a household name.

Olivia Pierson Biography

Olivia Pierson was born in Langley, British Columbia on the 20th of August, 1989. The fourth out of five children, she has three older brothers and a younger sister and is extremely close to her family. There isn’t a lot of information available about her early years and education. Most of what is known about her began after her rise to popularity on social media.

Pierson left Canada to pursue the celeb life in Los Angeles, California. She quickly gained a huge following on the social media platform Instagram, with her plethora of pictures in well worn stylish clothes, a full face of makeup, and a sultry pose to match. Her feed seemed to be just what the public wanted, and the more her following grew, the more she toyed with the idea of taking things a step further by capitalizing on her popularity. As of March 2019, her Instagram followers are at 2.5 million and she reportedly makes $15 to $20 thousand per social media post.

2015 was the ‘it’ year for Olivia Pierson. Together with her business partner, cousin, and best friend Natalie Halcro, they launched a Youtube channel, NAT+LIV. The channel focuses on fashion & beauty, and as of early 2019, has a total 269k+ subscribers. The pair also launched their lifestyle, fashion, and beauty brand, NAT+LIV and a blog titled Jerome, after both their mothers’ maiden names.

Also in the same year, Pierson joined the cast of WAG (Wives And Girlfriends Of Sportspersons) quite by chance. Cousin Natalie Halcro was recommended to the show’s executives by a friend. Halcro agreed to the contract, but only if her cousin Pierson was going to be cast as well.

The E! TV series premiered on the 18th of August 2015 and the show, as the title suggests, revolved around the lives of the wives, girlfriends, and fiancees of professional sports players. In February of 2018, the show got canceled due to poor viewer ratings. However, there was a silver lining for Olivia Pierson as the show’s executives announced in May of the same year that the cousins would be getting their own spin-off show titled NAT&LIV. The show will chronicle the lives of the girls and their tightly knit family.

olivia pierson
Pierson (left) with Natalie Halcro

Does She Have AHusband Or Boyfriend?

Olivia Pierson has never been married. She joined the cast of WAGs single, and it wasn’t until late in the first season that she began dating Marcedes Lewis, a football player with the Jacksonville Jaguars. The couple managed to maintain the relationship and Lewis even introduced Pierson to his mother.

But trouble came to paradise in 2016 when trust issues developed on Pierson’s part and the relationship began to show it’s first signs of trouble. The reality television star accused her sports playing man of shady behavior when she found him flirting with another WAG, and soon after when she found out that he was talking to her sister Sophia.

The drama continued in an episode of WAGs that aired in September 2016. Pierson, while at a party in L.A., spotted Lewis who was supposed to be away for training in Florida. She immediately confronted him and he was unable to come up with a valid explanation for his deception. The saga was the final straw for Pierson who then broke up with Lewis a few days later.

Several months after the drama with Marcedes Lewis, Pierson became the butt of a little social media joke when she posted a suggestive photo on her Instagram page of herself and basketball player, Joel Embiid. The photo wagged tongues and gave the impression that Pierson had found another boo. Embiid savagely shut down the rumors when he reposted the picture on his own page with the hashtag ‘#FakeNews‘ written across it. Pierson has since pulled down the picture from her page and nothing about the faux pas has been mentioned since then.

If Olivia Pierson is currently dating anyone, we haven’t heard about it. The social media celeb is probably too busy to date at the moment, as filming for she and Halcro’s TV show is currently underway and set to air in June 2019.

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