Pointers to Olivia Rodrigo’s Increasing Fame in Showbiz, Her Ethnicity and Love Life

Olivia Rodrigo is a perfect blend of a young, beautiful, and talented. She has been making waves in showbiz and is notable as an actress who came into the limelight after appearing in the 2015 drama film, American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success.

More than being an actress, Rodrigo sings beautifully, plays the guitar pretty well, and is a talented songwriter. Olivia has been described as a soulful artist who exudes an intriguing paradox of being an exuberant youth and also an old soul. Her plethora of talents make her a rising star to watch out for in show business.

Olivia Rodrigo’s Budding Career as an Actress Kicked off in 2015

It is said that her first appearance onscreen was in an Old Navy ad. She got her first real taste of the spotlight when she was cast in the lead role of the adaptation of the American Girl book series, American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success. Olivia would go on to land another lead role as Paige Olvera in Disney’s situation comedy, Bizaardvark.

The series which ran between 2016 and 2019 portrays the funny everyday life of interesting teenage characters. She starred alongside popular young actors like Madison Hu, Jake Paul, and DeVore Ledridge. Her character was motivated by the impending closure of her grandparents’ restaurant business to join the cast of a show titled MasterChef Junior. Her move would eventually save the business from collapse. Olivia’s role in the movie earned her her first nomination from Legacy Award, she was nominated for Best Children’s Comedy Artist Female; this was in 2018.

The starlet is also popular for starring as Terrinea in the American situation comedy, New Girl. This was before she took on another major role as Nini Salazar-Roberts in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Her role in this Disney+ series has brought her more success and fame as she has been able to show off her ability to sing, dance, and act.

So far, one of the major things that makes Olivia’s acting stand out is her ability to inhabit the mind of her character which makes her performance more believable. Olivia once admitted that to get into character, she likes to fill in all the blanks the writers don’t include in the script. She imagines their family, where they grew up, and sometimes creates a playlist of the kind of song the character might listen to. Doing this helps her get into character before filming and even though she hasn’t won any major award, Olivia is young and talented with the promise of doing well in future roles.

She Might Become a Fashion and Music Icon in the Nearest Future

If Olivia Rodrigo wasn’t known as an actress, she would still emerge a big name in the fashion industry. Considering her looks and passionate pursuit in that line, she has lots of prospects. When she’s not shooting a scene or writing songs, Rodrigo is busy sharpening her fashion sense. It has been reported in some quarters that she would soon float her own fashion line. In fact, her course of interest in college, as she’s said, would be to major in Fashion and minor in Women’s Studies. What a combination!

Music has always been Olivia’s first love and it was what propelled her into acting. Olivia has shown that she intends to continue to promote her musical career alongside acting. She has a rare gift for empathic and emotive songwriting which she continues to work on. This is one of the reasons she enjoyed starring as Nini Salazar-Roberts on the Disney+ series, wherein she has been privileged to write songs like “All I Want” and “Just A Moment”.

These songs have found widespread success across social media and streaming platforms. She is presently working on her EP and has tasked herself to write one song per day no matter how bad it is as she believes practice leads to perfection.

Olivia Rodrigo Is of Filipino Descent on Her Father’s Side

Olivia Rodrigo was born in Temecula, California on February 20, 2003, to a Filipino father and American mother. Even though she was raised in the United States, her father who grew up in a traditional Filipino household made sure she knows enough about her roots.

According to her, they have Lumpia and other traditional foods at every thanksgiving. Traveling to the Philippines is also a family tradition they’ve kept to be in touch with their roots.

However, growing in California was also very interesting for Olivia. She attended Lisa J. Mall Elementary School and Dorothy McElhinney Middle School. During that time, she also began taking singing lessons and her singing teacher who found her very expressive encouraged her to take up acting classes. Later on, she took up some local acting classes where she was also encouraged to go for auditions. As she was very young, she was open to the experience and went for tons of auditions.

It was also gathered that owing to her early interest and involvement with showbiz and acting, Olivia had to be homeschooled. This was done intermittently, especially when she is away for shoots.

The Starlet Was In a Relationship With Ethan Wacker

For someone who has involved herself in various facets of showbiz, it is only natural that Olivia Rodrigo gained the attention of many people who keep up with her career as much as they pry into her personal life.

Her love life continues to pique the interest of her fans but it’s been hard to tell if she is seeing anyone at the moment. Nonetheless, she was romantically involved with her Bizaardvark co-star, Ethan Wacker.

The revelation came following months of speculation by fans and viewers. It is believed that the two are no longer together as Ethan was last seen on her Instagram page in 2019’s Valentine’s day.

It recently circulated on social media platforms that a relationship is brewing between the actress and co-star, Joshua Bassett. The duo portray Nini and Ricky in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Probably, their onscreen chemistry is why people started speculating that they are more than friends offscreen. Rodrigo and Bassett have maintained they are only good friends.

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