Finally, after a year-long wait, the ONGEA Music Summit 2017 went down in style at the Sarit Center between February 16-19th, 2017.

The four-day event was truly a regional summit as it featured panellists and artists from across the Eastern and Central African region. A few artists from Latin America were also present.

Music Industry Panels:

ONGEA Music Summits are not just about entertainment, but they also include educational forums and panels that help to educate and inform artists and music stakeholders of what’s happening.

This year’s panels was no different as it included guest appearances from music industry stakeholders and parastatal bodies such as MCSK, PRISK and KAMP as they discussed regulation and the growth of the industry.

The sound engineering and production panel, for example, discussed technical aspects of sound production in a studio and at events, educating artists on what they should demand.

ONGEA Music Summit 2017 Attendees & Exhibitors

Among the attendees were popular Kenya DJs and music stakeholders as they discussed the business of music in terms of digital distribution, event performances, and broadcasting.

Among the exhibitors were the ASUS computer company which showcased their latest machine, the VivoBook Pro NW552 that packs the SonicMaster audio technology from ASUS, built just for music and music artists.

Karaoke Kapital was also on ground to help artists translate their music into karaoke. Other exhibitors included DJ academies, music studios, and independent artists selling their wares.

Entertainment: ONGEA Music Summit 2017

On the entertainment portfolio, we had interesting and new artists from Rwanda, Uganda, and Tanzania. Most were good at being musical instrumentalists and had excellent vocal capabilities. Some of these included Buula, who played the saxophone, from Uganda, and Jeff Mduma, who was playing guitar acoustics while singing. He is from Tanzania.

The artists who got the crowds on their feet included Disco Vumbi, Hart_the_Band, and PHY.

The event no doubt benefited artists and music lovers by helping them better understand the business of music and how far the industry has come. We look forward to the 2018 ONGEA Music Summit.

The Begining of ONGEA

For those who don’t know, the birth of the Eastern Africa Music Summit (ONGEA) wasn’t the death of Kenya Music Week that normally takes place every December. ONGEA is more like an advanced and better version of the annual Kenya Music Week.

Of course, the Kenya Music Week went a long way in restructuring the Kenya Music Industry for good. But, it was thought that expanding the scope of the event would not only make it more relevant and sustainable but as well, expose it to a larger market both regionally and to the entire world.

The outcome of ONGEA 2017 proved this to be true. Beyond being a major source of fine innovations, the music summit exposed participants and key players in the music industry to unlimited trends and contents which are bound to go a long way in driving a sustainable development of the music and entertainment industry across East Africa.

What The Future Holds for Eastern African Music Industry

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As the 2017 public celebration of Eastern African music dwelled on trading, learning and showcasing to foster the growth of the music industry in Eastern Africa, the 4-days event successfully offered a trade exhibition from the region and the world at large. This was backed by an open mic concert designed to showcase upcoming artists and insight on how to build a prosperous music career.

Though the benefits of the 2nd Eastern Africa Music Summit are yet to fully come to the attention of the public, it is expected that it will have far-reaching positive effects and bring forth satisfactory advantages like the ONEGA music summit of 2016.

In the fullness of time, it is anticipated that ONEGA would among other things facilitate the following:

1. The pulling and garnering of abundant international support for the transfer of skill and knowledge.

2. The securement of more involvement and participation from the region’s music industry.

3.  More showcasing of the region’s talent to festival owners and bookers across the globe.

4. A vast and unlimited source of fundings for start-ups in the region’s music space.

5. The building of an enduring forum that will consistently serve as a platform for the enhancing of the music industry in the region through exhibitions, networking and discussions.

Special Credit: E-Labz

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