Onlookers Jeer As Gambian Migrant Drowns In Italy

Recently a footage surfaced online showing a Gambian migrant drowning while onlookers threw insults, videoing and mocking him.

News 24 identified the migrant as a 22-year-old Gambian called Pateh Sabal.

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The onlookers spat hateful words at Sabal, telling him to “go back home”, and nobody made any attempt to save him.

“He is stupid. He wants to die,” said some onlookers.

Mirror also reported that at least three life rings were thrown into the water near the Gambian migrant, Sabal, but he did not reach for them. This caused more people to think perhaps he wanted to commit suicide.

Late in 2016, Gambia lost their female national football goalkeeper. 19-year-old Fatim Jawara, whose monthly salary was not paid, was looking to leave for greener pastures in Europe. However, the boat ran into trouble in the Mediterranean while crossing from Libya to Europe.

As the world experiences a burgeoning refugee crisis, the shores of Europe has seen a particular increase in migrants from Mali, Nigeria, and The Gambia, who risk their lives in a bid to find asylum in Europe. In 2016, more than 181,000 migrants arrived in Italy.

As a result, the European Union has been seeking ways to end the migrant crisis. In 2016, a summit held in Mali saw the participants reach an  agreement with the aim of dealing with the root causes of illegal migration as well as enabling the return African migrants to Africa. Some state workers will also travel to EU member states to “help determine the identity of migrants, in order to accelerate their return.”

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African countries are also expected to beef up border controls while accepting the return of these migrants who have been denied the right to remain in Europe. The EU-Mali agreement will also aid young people in finding employment, as well as strengthening Mali’s security forces.

Watch the full video below: