Opposing TB Joshua, This Chinese Monkey Prophesies A Trump Victory With A Kiss

An oracular Chinese monkey has tipped Donald Trump to be the next American president.

The United States is one of the most powerful countries in the world. As such many are concerned about the the turnout of the presidential elections, which is just hours away.

While we have the likes of Nigeria’s TB Joshua prophesying a win for Hillary Clinton, this Chinese monkey-prophet has come up with its own prophecy, indicating that Trump will be the Man at the elections.

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The “King of prophets” as fondly called, has reportedly made predictions that came to pass.

The oracular Chinese monkey, named Geda, works similarly to Paul, the Octopus. The reptile is famous for purported accurate predictions of international soccer matches.

In the same way it is also believed that Geda is one of those animals with the ability to give correct predictions.

For instance, it was reported that the monkey-seer correctly predicted the Portugal win against France in the 2016 European football championship final, back in July.

The flags of both countries were placed before the monkey. Bananas were kept in front of both flags. It is said that the Monkey moved towards the Portuguese flag, took the banana and ate it.

Two days later, Portugal won in a 1-0 victory against France.

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As the American elections get nearer and nearer, people in many parts of the world are anxiously anticipating an outcome.

So, just like the 2016 European football championship prediction, Geda has predicted by way of its actions that Trump will become President.

Two life-size images of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were placed before Geda. As confirmed in a statement on the website of the Shiyanhu Ecological Tourism Park, where the monkey is inhabited, the animal did not hesitate to run towards the image of Donald Trump, giving it a kiss.

Whether true or not, time will tell, come tomorrow, November 8.