Oscars 2019
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If the Oscars were a person, it would probably be up for an award as one of the oldest existing award body’s in the entertainment world with its inception in 1929. It is such a highly prestigious award ceremony and one of four awards that make up the highly coveted “EGOT.” The others include the Emmy’s which awards the awesome efforts that make for great television; the Grammy’s which is considered the music industry’s biggest night and the Tony’s which lovers of theater look up to for celebration of their own. The Oscars just as special as all the aforementioned is an award for excellence in movies and filmmaking. In fact, the three other awards were created after the Oscars and are tailored to follow its pattern. The Oscars 2019 have come around as always to celebrate the biggest and possibly best in filmmaking in Hollywood and the world. Read on to find out all the details of the award ceremony below.

Oscars 2019 Date, Time, and Venue

The Academy Awards has been running for over nine decades and that of 2019 will be the 91st edition of the award ceremony. The Oscars 2019 will be held on the 24th of February, with the award ceremony beginning at 5 pm GMT-8. It is expected to run for a period of four hours and will be aired live all over the world. Since 2002, the event organizers have been using the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard as the venue for the award ceremony and that of 2019 is indifferent. The theatre has the capacity to seat 3400 people which implies that this year the number of guests in attendance will be a figure shy of 4000.

Availability of tickets to the show has been described as being one of the toughest in the plethora of tickets to shows in the world of entertainment. A party like the ones which the Academy hosts will have some of the most prominent people in the movie industry in attendance. This means that getting a ticket to the event can be likened to getting a ticket to Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.

Nominations: Who are the Nominees?

Award ceremonies are usually made up of nominations in different categories and for the Oscars, there are twenty-four categories. Each category is directed at different aspects of a film that come together to make it the masterpiece it is. Some of these categories include Best Supporting Actress, Best Screenplay, Best Documentary – Feature and Short Subject, and Best Costume Design.

Some films always come in full swing for Oscar season ready to cart away a ton of awards. These are films that push the envelope or are undeniable hits embraced by audiences all over the world. They are also often very relevant to the culture and say something important about society. For the Oscars 2019, the films with the most nominations are the historical comedy The Favourite and the foreign black and white film Roma. Amazingly, these two films have 10 nominations and appear in some of the same categories.

Oscars 2019
Best picture nominees for Oscar 2019 (image source)

The Marvel Superhero film, Black Panther is in the running for seven awards which included Best Picture. Notably, it is the first superhero film to be included in this award category and its nomination in the category of Best Picture was received with mixed feelings. Other films that have high chances of winning one or two awards include Vice, A Star is Born, Bohemian Rhapsody, BlacKkKlansman, and Green Book.

Of the Special awards given at the Oscars, only two will be presented in this year’s event. They include the Academy Honorary Award which will be given to Cicely Tyson, Lalo Schifrin and Marvin Levy and the Irving G. Followed by the Thalberg Memorial Award awarded to Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall.

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Who Will Host The Award Ceremony?

In 1989, the Oscars had no host, the same will happen in the Oscars 2019. This came to the public notice after the proposed host of the 91st Academy Awards, Kevin Hart declined to host the event after consenting and announcing his excitement to be the host of the ceremony.

The comedian, Hart was named the host of the prestigious event on the 4th of December 2018. However, a few hours later, some homophobic comments that he had previously made in his jokes resurfaced and this caused a clamor for him to either step-down or for the Oscars to change him as the host. Hart chose to quit as the show’s host while offering apologies for his behavior and jokes in the past. He equally promised that he is trying to evolve and become a better person.

The Academy decided that the ceremony would continue without a host; this decision was announced on the 9th of January 2019. However, there is a lineup of presenters who will present awards.

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