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Ottavia Busia is an Italian Mixed Martial Artist most popular for being the wife, and subsequently ex-wife of famous American television personality, Anthony Bourdain. Busia is also popular for featuring in several episodes of Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.

Her former husband, Anthony Bourdain was an author, travel documentarian and celebrated chef. He was popular for his numerous culinary/travel television shows particularly Travel Channel’s No Reservations (2005-2012), and CNN’s Parts Unknown (2013-2018).

Unfortunately, Bourdain committed suicide by hanging on June 8, 2018 while on location for Parts Unknown, precisely in his room at the Hotel Chambard in Kaysersberg-Vignoble, France. The incident caught many off guard and has continued to raise thousands of questions, especially in the area of his relationships. While many attacked his latest girlfriend, others sought to know what his marital life over the years looked like.

Here we bring you the biography of one of the women Anthony Bourdain was married to; his ex-wife Ottavia Busia.

Ottavia Busia – Bio (Age)

Ottavia Busia was born in Sardinia Island, Italy. Her birth date is not available at the moment. However, she was possibly born around the late 1970s since several sources claim that Bourdain, who died at 61, was 22 years older than her.

Busia grew up in a small town, Lombardy, located in northern Italy. She was pursuing a dentistry career until 2000 when she could no longer resist the urge to join a U.S-based rock band she had earlier fallen in love with. She consequently relocated to the United States.

On getting to the States, Busia worked in various restaurants to make ends meet including Sette Moma, Orsay, Le Bernardin, Café des Artistes, Serafina, and lastly, Geisha where she worked as general manager. Prior to her relocation, she had worked as a waitress in a pizzeria in Italy.

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How She Met and Married Anthony Bourdain

Eric Ripert, Anthony Bourdain’s closest friend was the consulting chef for the Geisha Restaurant at the time Ottavia Busia worked there. Ripert felt that the two would get along and so he introduced Ottavia to Anthony, and it was love at first sight. The experience they both have in the cooking business helped in bringing them closer and they started dating without much ado.

After dating for quite a short period, Ottavia Busia married Anthony Bourdain on 20th April 2007. She became Bourdain’s second wife as he had previously married Nancy Putkoski from 1985 to 2005. Busia had described her marital relationship with Bourdain as “unconventional” since they spent most part of their lives without each other. This was because her husband spent the greater portion of his time on his job – practically staying away for up to 250 days in a year – which made their marriage simply impossible. Moreover, differences in their interests continued to widen, and Bourdain pointed this out severally in interviews either directly or indirectly.

The couple finally parted ways mutually in 2016 but were yet to effect a divorce before Bourdain died in 2018. Prior to his death, Ottavia and Anthony maintained a cordial relationship and still regarded themselves as a family despite living separately. The latter meanwhile, started dating American actress and film producer, Asia Argento before his demise. He, however, made it clear they will never marry. He got along with Argento because they had similar work interests and busy schedules.

Ottavia Busia’s Interest In MMA 

Ottavia Busia started training in Mixed Martial Arts in 2007, shortly after giving birth. Initially, her aim was to get her pre-pregnancy body back and to gain self-defence skills. She, however, fell in love with the sport and started training specifically in Jiu-jitsu. According to Busia, this has changed her life a lot, both physically and mentally, boosting her confidence in a way she is very proud of.

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Ottavia Busia had a daughter with Anthony Bourdain named Ariane. She was born in 2007, the same year the couple married. At 4, Ottavia started taking her daughter to Judo and Jiu-jitsu classes. She currently lives with Ariane in New York City where Ariane is presently attending Junior high school.

Ottavia Busia
Ottavia Busia and Anthony Bourdain (left); their daughter Ariane Bourdain performing at DROM (left)

Ariane Bourdain is part of a band; she performed at DROM in NYC few months after her dad’s sudden death. When he was alive, Anthony Bourdain loved Ariane very dearly, always speaking of her with much passion and tenderness. She was in fact, the brightest side of his life. Now, Ariane is the major beneficiary of his wealth which is an estimated $1.6 million estate.

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