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When the talk is about the famous singers in Puerto Rico, then the Si No Te Quiere crooner Ozuna deserves a mention. The dude has earned unprecedented fame and popularity in recent times with a record of several hit songs under his belt. Despite his unpleasant childhood, Juan Carlos “Ozuna” Rosado as his given name says was able to overcome his shortcomings and pick courage to make something out of his life from the age of 12 when he began writing songs. He was still in his early teens when the talented singer dropped his first song titled Imaginando and was later signed on by Golden Family Records in addition to releasing several songs on YouTube. Some of his hit tracks like No Quiere Enamorarse and Si No Te Quiere have become incredibly successful. Here, we bring you everything you need to know about Ozuna’s wife and kids. Read on…

Is Ozuna Married To A Wife?

Hey! We won’t blame any woman who has a crush on the Si No Te Quiere crooner as the dude is quite a snack! Though we wouldn’t like to be the bearers of bad news, however, this one is necessary, the San Juan native is completely taken and it is legally watertight.

But then, who is the damsel that dared to steal the heart of this female heartthrob, she is none other than Taína Marie Meléndez, Ozuna’s undisputable wifey and the mother of his two kids. Yes, the famed vocalist is legally married and when you get a glimpse of his wife you will understand why he chose to abandon the unhindered single life in favor of matrimony. In fact, the whole world envies Ozuna for his spouse; she is one of the most beautiful of women, standing 5 feet 4 inches high with a commensurate body weight of 55kg.

One wouldn’t be far from the truth to say that Taina Marie is the complete package as she sports a voluptuous body build measured 38 inches at the bust line, which is no doubt on the busty side, her waist goes in at 27 inches, further outlining her eye-catching bust and we are yet to mention her delectable hips which are rounded at 41 inches, and that is quite a package!

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However, Ozuna’s wife is quite the secretive type, keeping her private affairs under wraps, but then when one buds a dalliance with the rich and famous, your propensity will no longer matter, you will no doubt come under the spotlight. That is the case with Taina Marie whose name was never heard before the advent of Ozuna in her life.

A few tit-bits we gathered on her background said that Taina Marie Melendez’s place of birth was in San Juan, Peurto Rico. Although she was born in 1994, her exact birthday and month are unknown. She is undoubtedly Spanish and belongs to Hispanic ethnicity, but according to recorded facts, Taina Marie has African descent as well. However, she gained American citizenship through her marriage with the music star.

On her level of education, little or nothing is known, but Taina Marie is obviously educated as she extensively assists Ozuna in his career as his manager, keeping track of all the singer’s tours, shows, as well as official trips. Thus, Ozuna’s wife isn’t just a beautiful woman, she has competency as an assistant. The family currently resides in New York City, where they live a lavish life suffused with luxurious cars, posh homes, and private jets.

One remarkable thing about this couple is that they are unmistakably in love and never miss a single chance to swoon over themselves on social media. According to Taina Marie’s Twitter uploads, True love does not have a happy ending, it simply does not end at all. She is always thanking her spouse for knowing how to put a smile on her face. As for Ozuna, he doesn’t have any reservations about flooding his social media account with his wife’s photos.

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Does He Have a Daughter?

As if the couple themselves didn’t already constitute a picture-perfect Christmas card, Ozuna and Taina Marie are proud parents to two adorable kids. 2014 saw them welcoming their first child – a cute baby girl whom they named Sofia Ozuna Melendez. After two years, Sofia became a sister to Jacob Andres, their son who came in 2016.

Recently, the Ozuna family was spotted at Disney World, where the famous vocalist shared a picture of his daughter dressed as Elsa. According to his post, Elsa grew weary of wearing heels so she went for Crocs instead. He ended the post by declaring how much he loves Sofia and also spending quality time with his children.

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