Packages on Telkom Contract Deals, Requirements For Application and How To Cancel a Contract

Conceptualized in 1990, Telkom has gone on to become one of the biggest companies in the South African telecommunication industry – also having its presence in over 37 countries. Thirty-nine percent of the company is actually state-owned and the rest is being managed by the group CEO, Brian Armstrong.

Over the years, the company has made a name for its wide range of telecommunication services which caters to the teeming needs of their users. However, apart from the high-end telecoms service that they render, they have ventured into several other business areas.

Available Telkom Contracts Deals & Their Prices

Telkom has a wide range of contract deals which its users can choose from at very cost-friendly rates. The current deals available are listed below:

Data Contracts

This is one of the most popular categories, depending on the subscriber’s needs, these data deals are made available at the right prices.

Data Contract Price
SmartBroadband Wireless LTE Contract 5GB R59.00 Per Month x 24
SmartBroadband Wireless 5GB TopUp R59.00 Per Month x 24
SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid 5GB R99.00 Once Off
SmartBroadband Wireless Unlimited All Hours R849.00 Per Month x 24
December Big Deal 2020 R248.00PM x 24
Monate Contract Bundles (BONUS DEALS, JUST DIAL, *180#) R0.00
Monate Prepaid  Bundles (BONUS JUST DIAL *180#) R0.00

N.B: The prices above are for the SmartBroadband Wireless deals for the least available MB or hours. However, as the MB or hours increase, the price of the deal will also rise as can be seen on the Telkom site.

Voice and Data Bundles

Below is a list of the voice/data bundles, made to satisfy particular needs and for  specified periods:

Bundle Price
Monthly Data Bundle 35MB R7.00 Once off
FreeMe 300MB R29.00 Once off
Daily Social Bundles 25MB R2.00 Once off
Weekly Social Bundle 75MB R5.00 Once off
Monthly Social Bundle 10MB R10.00 Once off
Hourly Data Bundle 75MB R5.00 Once off
100GB Night Surfer Once-off-Data Bundles R149.00 Once off
FreeMe Share 36GB R699.00 Per Month x 24
Mobile Data 1GB R40.00 Per Month x 24

N.B: The above bundle and their respective prices are listed at the least MB available, the higher the MB on a particular contract, the higher the price as stated on the Telkom site.

Mobile Services

Much similar to the above category, Telkom mobile service contracts differ only in how specific their functions are. Check below to select the option that best suits your needs:

  • International Roaming – charges for this package depends on the country.
  • International Calling – charges also depend on the country.
  • MO’Nice – these offers are subjects to the availability of your needs, just dial *123# to get started.
  • Streaming Bundles – charges depend on usage.
  • Data Bundle Transfer – this allows you to transfer data to your loved ones at no cost.
  • Mobile Number Portability: this service allows you to switch networks while retaining a single mobile number.
  • Google PlayStore Billing: it is usually added to your bill or taken from your airtime but the cost is not fixed, it depends on usage.
  • Entertainment Bolt-On – you can get from 10GB or 100GB for just R99.00 depending on the device you are using.
  • Voice over LTE & Voice over WIFI- this service can be access by all Telkom Prepaid, Postpaid, and Top Up customers but it depends on the type of phone they are using.

Financial Services

These Telkom contracts are steadily making their way into the market. This is the category where the Telkom insurance schemes can be found, as well as a couple of other interesting options which include:

  • Funeral Cover: recharging R100 or more a month qualifies you for up to R10,00 funeral cover.
  • Telkom Pay mPOS: this is an easy to use mobile POS facility available to Telkom users for a wide price range with come with various benefits.
  • Device Insurance: this Telkom insurance charge is calculated based on the retail value of the mobile device being used.
  • Telkom Pay Digital Wallet: with this service, Telkom customers can make all sorts of payments from their wallet at a very minimal cost.

Telkom Phone Contracts

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Aside from the data deals, financial service deals, mobile service, alongside voice & data deals, Telkom also provides its customers with phone contracts. This service is actually aimed at providing devices and SIM cards at affordable prices. Telkom collaborates with a wide range of phone brands for its mobile contract deals.

Requirements & Steps To Apply For A Telkom Phone Contract Deal

To get on board an enjoy all the lucrative deals offered by Telkom requires all you need are:

  1. SA ID book
  2. 3 month’s bank statement from your bank
  3. Proof of employment
  4. Salary slip

With these documents, you can commence the application process which includes:

    1. Downloading the Telkom application form.
    2. Fill the form correctly and take it with the above documents to the nearest Telkom store nearest to you.
    3. It takes up to 72 hours after you have sent all documentation required when applying for a contract.

Steps To Cancel An Ongoing Telkom Contract & Its Consequence

To cancel a Telkom service, the process involves both online and hardcopy forms which can be gotten and filled in a Telkom center, however, it’s quicker to do it online with a few easy steps.

Step 1: Go to the Telkom page and select the Login button in the top right corner to login to the My Telkom profile. If you don’t have a My Telkom profile then choose Register from the Login menu to create one.

Step 2: Once you are logged in to your Telkom profile, select Manage Accounts and click on the applicable account, and then select Cancel. Fill in the required fields. You can select multiple services at once.

Step 3: Upload supporting documents if required, accept the terms and conditions, and submit. You will get a reference number once you submit your request. You will need this reference number if at any point you need Telkom to escalate your request.

Can I Cancel My Telkom Contract At Any Time?

Once a subscriber finalizes his registration, he is free to terminate the contract at will. However, the process requires a little bit of patience, a minimum of 60days at least. Let’s break down those 60days.

Day 1: Cancellation form and other related documents are submitted.

Day 7: The company processes the request and within the second week, the company will send the normal bill which will be settled by the subscriber.

Day 30: The company finalizes the cancellation request.

Day 60: The subscriber receives the final bill which after its settlement the entire cancellation process is complete.

When Can You Downgrade Your Telkom Contract?

It is normal for Telkom customers to switch between services they subscribe to. There are numerous reasons for the change of preference and many times the cost of a plan or contract might trigger this decision. Well, whatever the reason may be, it is important to know that your Telkom contract can only be downgraded after three consecutive months of being active and having had successful billing.

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