Intriguing Facts About Paige Butcher’s Rise to Prominence and Her Relationship With Eddie Murphy

A truly stunning beauty, Paige Butcher is an Australian model and actress who shot to widespread prominence when she got together with globally renowned actor and comedian Eddie Murphy in a romantic relationship. Their relationship has made headlines over the years and it is still waxing strong even though they have spent so many years together.

However, apart from the fact she is known to be Eddie Murphey’s partner, Paige Butcher has also worked hard to carve out a piece of fortune for herself in the entertainment industry.

Paige Butcher Began To Model When She Was 7

Born on the 10th day of June 1979 in Perth, Australia, Paige Butcher found love for fashion when she was still very little. In fact, she started to model when she was about 7 years old. Interestingly, Butcher’s mother was also a model so it was quite easy for her to find a head start.

When Paige Butcher started to model at 7 years old, she began by modeling her mother’s designs. However, at the time, she did not really take the whole thing seriously, not until she turned a teenager. By the time she turned 13 years old, she started taking the modeling very seriously to the huge delight of her mother.

She Won A Supermodel Search At 15

In 1994 when she was just about 15 years old and a fresh graduate of the Santa Maria College, Paige Butcher took part in that year’s Cover Girl Cosmetics Supermodel Search and emerged the winner. She was ecstatic. This was her dream coming true.

Eventually, her big win gave her the opportunity to sign a contract with the IMG modeling agency and consequently moved from Australia to the USA where her modeling career took a clearer shape. While in the USA, she worked in New York City and modeled for different magazines. She also worked with different brands, however, the exposure that she wanted to have did not come until 2005 when she appeared in Real Swimsuit DVD Vol. 2, a swimsuit video for Maxim.

Real Swimsuit DVD Vol. 2 did so well that Paige Butcher was offered a role in a Hollywood movie because of it.

Paige Butcher
Paige Butcher in Something’s Gotta Give (2003)

‘Something’s Gotta Give’ Was Paige Butcher’s First Movie

Paige Butcher scored her first role in a Hollywood movie in 2003 when she was cast to appear in the American romantic comedy film, Something’s Gotta Give. It was a very small role but she loved the fact that she could star in any Hollywood production at all.

In 2006, after starring in the Real Swimsuit DVD Vol. 2 video, Butcher was offered her second movie role in Big Momma’s House 2, an American crime comedy film. It was while she was filming Big Momma’s House 2 that she met Eddie Murphy

The World Got To Know About Butcher When Eddie Murphy Came Into Her Life

Paige Butcher got her biggest exposure when she fell in love with world-renowned actor and comedian, Eddie Murphy. After meeting the comic while filming Big Momma’s House 2, they struck up a conversation and things took bigger shape, leading them to start a relationship.

It is impossible to be romantically linked to Eddie Murphy and be lost from the public eye. Murphy is ranked amongst the greatest stand-up comics of all time and is a member of Saturday Night Live. He has also enjoyed a successful acting career appearing in movies such as 48 Hrs, The Nutty Professor, Trading Places, Dreamgirls, Shrek, Coming to America, Norbit, and Meet Dave among others. His popularity rubbed off on Paige Butcher as fans began to ask who she was and where she came from.

Eddie Murphy and Paige Butcher at an event for The Oscars (2015)

Paige Butcher Began Her Romance With Eddie Murphy In 2012

Even though Paige Butcher and Eddie Murphy first met in 2006, they did not start dating immediately. In a report by Daily Mail UK, it was revealed that Eddie Murphy was actually visiting his friend, Martin Lawrence, on the set of Big Momma’s House 2 when he saw Paige Butcher and was smitten by her. They began to talk right there on set.

However, their romance did not kickstart at the time; the duo went on to separately date different partners after that first meeting before they eventually got together in 2012. Reports of the couple being an item began to circulate in September 2012 when they were seen together hanging out at Mastro’s Steakhouse. One month later, they confirmed their relationship when they came out together in public to walk the red carpet for a Murphy tribute called One Night Only.

Butcher Deleted Her Social Media Pages

Shortly after their relationship was confirmed, Paige Butcher deleted all her social media pages. She explained that since she was already dating a very popular figure, all eyes were on her already so she did not want any more scrutiny on social media.

Interestingly, she has remained offline ever since she deleted her social media accounts after she started Eddie Murphy.

They Got Engaged 6 Years Later

In September 2018, about six years after they started dating, Paige Butcher and Eddie Murphy got engaged. Soon after this, Butcher was seen in public wearing her engagement ring in Los Angeles. At the moment, a date for their wedding has not been set. But fans hope it will be anytime soon.

Eddie Murphy and Paige Butcher at an event for 2020 Golden Globe Awards (2020)

It is noteworthy that Butcher and her fiancé have two kids together. Their first child is a daughter named Izzy Oona Murphy and she was born in May 2016. Their second bundle of joy is a son named Max Charles Murphy who was born in November 2018. Max is named after Murphy’s only sibling, his late elder brother, Charles.

Paige Butcher Is About To Be Married Into A Very Big Family

Eddie Murphy has a very big family and Paige Butcher is about to be married into it. Apart from the kids he has with Butcher, Murphy has eight other kids from previous relationships. They are sons Eric and Christian from two past relationships. The Coming to America star also has a daughter (Angel Iris Murphy Brown) with Spice Girls member, Melanie Brown.

Eddie Murphy was married to Nicole Mitchell Murphy. She is a model, actress, and reality TV star. They started dating in 1988 and tied the knot in 1993. They were married for at least twelve years before divorcing in 2006. Their union produced four daughters; Bria, Shayne, Zola, Bella, and a son named Myles.

When Paige Butcher finally ties the knot with Murphy, she is aware that she would be married into one big family Murphy has created over the years.

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