What To Learn From Paige Hathaway’s Fitness Routines and Her YouTube Success

A very strong, beautiful, and self-determined woman, Paige Hathaway is a fitness model who has established herself as a social media sensation through her various updates on fitness tips on platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. She additionally launched a website through which she has guided many on how to stay fit and healthy. She has participated in many fitness competitions for which she finished on top. Following her success in various competitions, Hathaway had her breakthrough in the modelling industry and has gone ahead to become the face of many popular magazines.

She additionally had another boost in her modelling career when she claimed the grand prize of the FLEX Bikini Model Search. Since then, Paige Hathaway has become a well-known model whose video blogging has helped many to achieve a healthy lifestyle over the past years. She is a popular social media figure who has attracted enormous followers through her fitness expertise and training.

Paige Hathaway Had A Difficult Life Before Fitness Came Calling

Born on July 31st in the year 1987, in Minnesota, the sensational model grew up wanting to be a dentist. She actually loved sports and took part in sports-related activities while in high school but fitness was not something she thought she could bank on to become a huge success in life.

Interestingly, Paige Hathaway had quite an unpleasant childhood mainly because her father was affected by alcoholism and they lived in a trailer. Her parents would later divorce and her mother was later arrested for defying a government stay order while Paige would go on to be raised by some of her relatives in addition to spending some time in foster homes.

However, instead of clamping down on her desires, her rough childhood made her very conscious of the fact that she had to help herself and push really hard to become a better person. This was why as soon she grew old enough, she started working many part-time jobs to help herself through college.

How Paige Hathaway Caught The Fitness Bug

While studying to be a dentist at Oklahoma University, Paige Hathway realized she was too thin and started developing some love for working out. So, during her free time, she would go to the school gym to work out and keep fit.

Paige Hathaway
Paige Hathaway training

It was during this time that she met a fitness trainer who asked her if she wanted to take part in fitness shows and competitions. She told him no because she was not ready to go through the pains of training. Eventually, she kept bumping into the man and he convinced her to give fitness a try.

Her Exploits In Fitness

As a result of the encouragement from the fitness trainer who advised her to participate in fitness shows, Paige Hathaway began training for four months and then had a tryout during the 2012 Ronnie Coleman Classic Contest. At first, she never wanted to participate but eventually made up her mind to pass through the vigorous training and dietary requirements.

Interestingly, her great efforts paid off because she claimed the second place in her division during the competition. After contesting on the show, Hathaway moved on to participate in other fitness competitions. Her next two competitions were not successful because she came last for both. However, she was not discouraged and decided to keep going, having caught the fitness bug already.

Eventually, she got signed by Shredz, a nutritional supplement and fitness information company, and became its face. Despite experiencing a rough start earlier in her career, Paige Hathaway has grown to become the face of many notable magazines such as Livid Magazine, Fitness Gurls, and others.

She Leveraged On The Power Of Social Media

Paige Hathway soon realized that being on social media would help her achieve more in the fitness world and also connect with her many fans. Thus, she created an Instagram account.

Hathaway started uploading photos of her fitness routines and shredded body on Instagram, attracting instant attention. Today, she has nearly 4 million followers on Instagram alone. She also has a subscription site where she creates personalized training programs for clients.

Following her vigorous workouts and fitness training, the beauteous model has developed a well-built body structure that has ushered her into the limelight as she is now an idol to many of her followers.

What Paige Hathaway’s Fitness Routines Look Like

There is no gainsaying that Paige Hathaway is a fitness freak. It is all she adores and her routines have helped to encourage other fitness enthusiasts to put in the work.

Hathaway does a lot of Plyometrics whenever she is at home with the goal of increasing power in her muscles. When she goes to the gym, she trains multiple muscle groups per session. Hathaway is a lover of high reps and usually does 10-25 reps per set.

The fitness model does HIIT 3-4 days a week. She also lifts weight, mixing this with some more compound movements 4-5 days per week. On top of that, she trains her abs three times a week. Her workouts often end with 15-35 minutes of steady-state cardio, except when she is training her legs.

Hathaway’s Diet

As a fitness model, Paige Hathaway cannot just eat anything she sees. She carefully selects what goes through her mouth to her belly.

Speaking with Muscle and Fitness on her dieting, Hathaway revealed that she keeps it 80/20. She also claims that she prefers consuming whole foods such as nuts and nut butter, as well as beans, seafood, quinoa, couscous, veggies, and sweet potatoes.

She, however, confessed that about 20% of the time, she still enjoys foods that might not be as healthy.

Transition To YouTube

Paige Hathway has also decided to ply her trade on YouTube. She has created a YouTube channel called ‘Paige Hathaway’ where she uploads fitness training videos.

Today, she has 136k subscribers with many more people subscribing by the day. Her many videos have raked in millions of views already. Her fans on YouTube are very fond of the model and think very highly of her.

In the course of pursuing her career, Paige Hathaway has helped more than 4,000 people to attain their fitness goals and live a healthy lifestyle through her personalized training.

How Much Is She Worth?

The fitness model has assembled huge following on her social media handles and they often visit her website. In addition, she has graced the cover of many magazines along with her ambassadorship deal with Shredz.

With all these successful works and efforts, Paige Hathaway is said to be worth $2.5 million.

Meet The Man In Paige Hathway’s Life

Paige Hathaway is in love with a man called Jason Moritz Sebastian and their romance is no secret at all. The couple has been together for quite a while and is apparently head over heels in love.

In 2019, the couple welcomed their first child together, a daughter called Presley Sebastian. Throughout her pregnancy period, Hathway was very ecstatic and shared the journey with her fans on Instagram and YouTube. She also remained active and exercised even while pregnant.

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