Pakistani Sister Pilots

Let’s meet Maryam Masood and Erum Masood, the first Pakistani sister pilots.

These siblings did not just make a name for themselves for being the first ever in Pakistani aviation history to fly a commercial plane together. They are the first real sisters to do so in South Asia and the world.

The announcement was made yesterday by the Pakistan International Airlines’ spokesperson, Danyal Gilani.

Gilani took to Twitter to share the good news:


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The 2 Pakistani pilot sisters are First Officers. This means that they are the next in rank after the Captain who is usually a super-experienced pilot.

According to Gilani, the 2 sisters have been flying different plane models until recently when Erum Masood was promoted to fly a Boeing-777 like her sister Maryam. This made the lovely coincidence possible.

Did you know that the Boeing 777 is the largest twin-engine jet passenger airliner and carries as much as up 450 passengers?

The Pakistani sister pilots, Maryam and Erum concurrently flew destinations from Lahore to Karachi, Manchester, New York and London.

It is usually a beauty to behold when family members professionally share a commercial cockpit.

The news of the Pakistani pilot sisters will be the best news from the Pakistan International Airlines in a very long time. Report says that the airline has been battling ethical challenges for a while now.

This has resulted into years of losses and setbacks. PIA has however not given up. The airline is working and making efforts to improve its standards and services.

By the middle of last month, PIA launched a premier service to attract customers.

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The Pakistani airline, largely owned by the government is credited with having 40 aircrafts.

The government is still considering the options of keeping it despite the losses or to simply sell it out.