Public Officers Fired For Insulting Michelle Obama; Called Her An Ape On Heels

The director of West Virginia nonprofit agency Clay County Development, Pamela Ramsey Taylor, has been fired for her derogatory comment against the first Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama.

Inspired by Trump’s win, Pamela took to her social media account and blatantly insulted the first lady.

“It will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified first lady in the White House,”

 “I’m tired of seeing an ape in heels.”

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Even without directly using Michelle Obama’s name, it was way too glaring she was referring to the first lady.

Following the post was a comment from a Facebook user identified as Beverly Whaling, serving as Clay Mayor, West Virginia. She wrote this:

“Just made my day, Pam.”

WSAZ 3 reported that the nonprofit director, Pamela Ramsey Taylor later took down the post and tendered an apology before her account was de-activated. Clay Mayor, Beverly Whaling’s account has also been deleted.

Whaling said in a statement that she did not intend to insult the first lady or concur to the objective of Pamela’s post in any way. Rather she was just happy over Donald Trump’s victory.

“My comment was not intended to be racist at all.”

“I was referring to my day being made for change in the White House!” 

“I am truly sorry for any hard feeling this may have caused! Those who know me know that I’m not of any way racist!”

Taking responsibility for her actions especially as a public officer, Mayor Beverly tendered her resignation letter on Tuesday.

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Pamela Taylor who works as the director of a nonprofit, which uses state and federal funds to provide services to elderly and low-income residents, was relieved of her duties for her insulting comments on Facebook.

The West Virginia Democratic Party also made an official apology to the first lady.

“On behalf of my fellow Mountaineers I would like extend my sincerest apologies to First Lady Michelle Obama. West Virginia truly is better than this.”

The statement assured the first lady that “radical, hateful, and racist ideals” is not part and does not represent the decency of the county.