Who is Papa Franku Also Known As Filthy Frank or Joji, Where is He Now?

The social media as we all know today has given people the opportunity to be creative and innovative and at the same time, make something of themselves. YouTube is one of the known social platforms we have today that makes it possible for people to express their God-given talents and post videos they created to share with others – just like Papa Franku.

He is one person that has ridden on the social media platform – YouTube to gain instant celebrity status with his channel “George Joji Miller” while he is best known by his online character FilthyFrank. He is an example of how one can earn a living and gain popularity using the social media. Read the article below to know more information about this person.

Who Is Papa Franku? Bio

Papa Franku, otherwise known as Pink Guy, Joji, and online persona, Filthy Frank is a Japanese-Australian record producer, singer, songwriter and a former YouTube personality. He was born as George Miller on September 18, 1992, in Osaka, Japan and went to school at Canadian Academy and was said to have graduated in 2012. He is a very private person, as such, there is very little information about his personal life.

YouTube Career

Papa Franku is fondly and popularly referred to as the father of alt-comedy on YouTube. He created a YouTube channel called Dizasta Music. This channel was created with the sole purpose of promoting his music career. The channel started gaining much popularity when he brought about the character, FilthyFrank, who is said to be the anti-vlogger of youtube.

The character is someone who is an incarnation of everything a person should not be. He is anti-social, has a very twisted sense of humor, uses offensive words, very provocative and likes to always joke about sensitive subjects that are forbidden by many but surprisingly, this is what majority of his fans love about him. He criticizes the ills in the society and shows the negativity of racism and injustice to women.

The channel also showcases videos which include alcohol, drunk filming, dangerous activities like where blood is drawn from someone and disgusting things like cake been baked with ingredients that should never be used. His channel most often makes viewers feel uncomfortable because of the offensive words which he is fond of using with lots of dark humor. Papa Franku, however, has succeeded in proving to the world that anyone with innovative ideas and a good sense of creativity can gain popularity and make money from the internet.

He uploaded his first video titled “Lil Jon Falls off the table” on YouTube on June 19, 2008. At some point, he had problems with his videos because they were always violating copyrights. He uploaded a video explaining to his fans and viewers that he was on the verge of losing the channel and gave the reason why he would be closing the channel.

He finally closed his Dizasta Music YouTube Channel in 2014 and opened another channel called the “Tv FilthyFrank” in other for him not to lose his fans. He later opened a third channel called “Too Damn Filthy” on July 1, 2014. This particular channel had two series” Japanese 101” and “Cringe of the week”. It also gained popularity and as at August 2017, it recorded 1.8 million subscribers and 170 million views.

In one of his videos, he made it known to his fans and viewers that he had a brain condition which makes him have seizures sometimes but some fans insinuated that he was making his condition known as a means to gain more popularity. Papa Franku today is recognized as one of the 500 most popular people on the social platform with about 5.1 million subscribers.

As Pink Guy, he produced strange comedy music which was said to be depressive. Most of the music he records are rants, abuses, and raps on other people. He was the one that invented the crazy dance called “the Harlem Shake”. Franku is a member of a group called “Tempura Boyz” and was also part of the group “Shrimpson Boys” with Max Stanley. In 2017, he released songs of which some of them are collaborations with other music artists and he has also been featured by a Chinese rap group called “Higher Brothers”.

As Joji, he has produced a more sensational, serious and traditional music. His music is a mix between R&B and trip-hop like the music titled “In Tongues” which topped at number 58 on the Billboard 200.

Where is Papa Franku Now?

Papa Franku chose to close his YouTube channel and stop producing comedy. He gave reasons in his statement released via Twitter on December 29, 2017, stating that he will no longer be producing comedy and has ended the FilthyFrank and Pink guy characters because he has lost interest in the series and is also taking care of his health condition.

Presently, he is focused on his music career as Joji and does not like to be associated with the character “Filthy Frank” or “Papa Franku”. He says that “Joji” and “Filthy Frank” or “Papa Franku” are two different beings and gets irritated when people refer to him as the latter forgetting that it is just a made up character. Some fans wrote that he even goes as far as blocking anyone on Instagram or other social networks that refer to him as Papa Franku or Filthy Frank.

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