Parasitic Twin: Baby Born With 4 Legs, 3 Hands & 2 Genitals

Parasitic Twin– A surgeon came to the rescue of an Indian baby born with 4 legs, 3 hands and 2 penises, as relatives found him weird and decided to throw him into a river.

The baby was born by 22-year old woman identified as Kuli Bai.

As the news of the strange baby spread like wild fire, 35-year old surgeon, Bharat Pal Danda, got wind of it and intervened before any harm was done to the baby.

Danda runs Matra Chhaya Hospital, in Pindwara. He took both and mother to his hospital  and took a look at them. The surgeon confirmed this was the case of the parasitic twin.

“I was very shocked when I heard these relatives, who seem extremely orthodox and superstitious, were planning to kill the baby by throwing him into the river. I couldn’t sit back and do nothing.”

“When they arrived I was upset to see the condition of the child. We did an initial diagnosis and gave him immediate treatment but the child was critical so we referred him to a better hospital.”

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In the medical world, Parasitic twin refers to an asymmetrical or unequal conjoined twin.

This happens when an identical twin fails to totally separate and one stops developing. The other embryo gets dominant and develops at the expense of its twin embryo.

In other words, parasitic twin occurs when a baby is born with the tissue of an undeveloped twin that died in the womb. The dead embryo is referred to as the parasitic twin since it depends on the dominant embyro.

Why this happens is not certain but it is speculated to be as a result of a restricted blood supply during pregnancy.

In this case, Bharat Pal Danda involved other doctors to remove the extra body parts through surgical means. The team of 4 doctor operated on the baby twice in 3 months to restore him to normalcy. They found out that the baby was doing fine internally.

If not thoroughly scanned, it is feared that the tissues can grow inside the baby later on and go unnoticed for decades.

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Dr Parveen Mathur, senior professor and head of the pediatric department, who carried out the surgery, said:

“The child had four legs, three hands and two penises.”

“The upper limb of the parasitic twin was underdeveloped. Even though he was internally fine, his condition was problematic due to the attached extra limbs and genitals.”

“We have now removed the extra limbs and intestines that were restricted to the parasitic twin. The boy is currently doing fine but we will continue to keep him under observation for at least a week.”

The parasitic twin occurrence is rare. There are only about 200 recorded cases of the condition.

3 days ago, a similar occurrence happened in Mumbai, India still. The baby was born with half-formed baby legs, an extra arm and an extra brain behind the newborn’s stomach.

The extra dead parts were equally removed with surgery and the Mumbai baby “who was born pregnant with his own twin” is now healthy.