Parker Nirenstein – Net Worth, Dad & Family

Car enthusiast, Parker Nirenstein is famed for being a successful internet sensation who created the car review channel, Vehicle Virgins on YouTube. Ever since the creation of the channel in 2012, he has garnered over two million loyal subscribers whilst hitting over a million views for each uploaded video. Moreso, his success on YouTube has attracted a few automobile companies who have made him a regular for most of their promotional deals. It may not mean much to the average person, but car lovers are eager to know more about him. So, to satisfy your thoughts, we have compiled the most necessary facts you need to know about him.

Parker Nirenstein Bio

Born on the 24th day in the month of June 1994, Parker Nirenstein is the second child of his home. His dad makes ends meet as a tech entrepreneur while his mom is a homemaker. His older sister, Madison has excelled through her career path as a fitness expert.

Parker Nirenstein is quite educated. He first attended Redwood High School California before becoming a scholar at the University of Michigan. He subsequently graduated from the school with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, class 016.


Reports have proved that Parker Nirenstein, at age 10, already dreamt of being a car owner someday. So, after graduating from college, he decided to put his knowledge of engineering to work by reviewing different brands of cars.

With his thoughts all aligned right, he created the YouTube Channel, Vehicle Virgins. Meanwhile, he had already interned with two renowned automobile companies; Ford and Toyota.

Firstly, the car lover kicked started his career by creating a blog where cars were reviewed. While selling on his blog, Parker Nirenstein subsequently thought it wise to begin his reviews with videos. So, with that intention, Nirenstein created the YouTube channel, Vehicle Virgins on the 12th day in the month of January 2012.

On his channel, the car enthusiast reviews every part of any car, teaching his audience with relevant pieces of information concerning a vehicle, whether be it a low-end or high-end car.

With an overwhelming knowledge of cars, Parker Nirenstein has garnered a lot of audience on his YouTube channel. He has adequately managed his audience, answering each of their probing questions. Little wonder, many can attest to the fact that he gained professionalism by experience.

More so, his YouTube Channel holds over 2 million loyal subscribers and hitting over a million views per uploaded video. At his success rate, Vehicle Virgins is one of the most active and followed car review channel on YouTube.

Parker Nirenstein first owned a 2006 BMW 3 series and has driven several other cars. As of 2019, he drives a Lamborghini Holden Hurrican.

Parker Nirenstein’s Net Worth

From all indications, Parker Nirenstein’s main stream of income is basically from his YouTube Channel. With the Channel, he has been able to establish a car review platform that is most recognized by car enthusiasts around the world.

Today, his YouTube Channel has over two million loyal subscribers and over a million views per uploaded videos. His YouTube daily earnings are calculated between $3.8k to $60.7k. Inconclusively, he is said to pocket between $45.5k to $728.8k yearly.

Besides his YouTube gigs, he has caught the attention of various sponsors and automobile companies. He is oftentimes invited to promote most of their brands. Also, he owns a mansion in California and of course a fleet of cars. Parker Nirenstein is obviously a millionaire, however, his exact figure isn’t exactly public knowledge yet.

His Dad and Family Details

Without being told, Parker Nirenstein’s father, John Nirenstein is stinkingly rich. His job as a tech entrepreneur is one of the highest paying jobs in the world. In October 2014, the billionaire whose product was known as EBates sold to Rakuten Japan for the whopping sum of $1bn.

In addition, both father and son are passionate about cars. This can be attested to because his dad currently sits as the CEO of Phoenix Restorations LLC. The company which is located somewhere in Sonoma, California is known as an automobile restoration facility that was founded in the year 2001.


If Parker Nirenstein has ever been involved with anyone romantically, we wouldn’t be able to tell as he has been quite reluctant with sharing the details regarding his love life. That being said, he appears to be more concentrated on building an awesome relationship with his immediate family whilst focusing on his career.

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