Juicy Bits About Parker Schnabel’s Love Life Since Ashley Youle, His Family Members and Net Worth

Parker Schnabel is an American gold miner who shot to fame for his appearance on the popular reality TV series, Gold Rush Alaska, which airs on Discovery Channel or any of its affiliated stations. Some say the tedious business of gold mining may not be an attractive one for a person of Schnabel’s age. However, when you consider that his grandfather was a top-notch gold miner who had mastered the precious metal like the back of his hands; it’s easy to understand why the youngster chose this path.

His popularity with the TV series has led to inquest from his fans about other personal areas of his life. His relationship and finances have come under scrutiny as his life as a gold miner seems to reveal very little about who he really is. The world around Parker Schnabel is definitely more than just living in trailers and caravans and this piece hopes to reveal much more.

Parker Schnabel And Ashley Youle’s Relationship Played Out In Front Of Everyone

Although Parker Schnabel isn’t married, there’s no doubt he had a girlfriend. Since they met in Australia, Ashley Youle, a nurse, has been in a romantic relationship with the young miner. Parker and the nurse’s dalliance has never been hidden from public view as he introduced her on set in the 7th season of the show to the admiration of fans and the viewing public.

Parker Schnabel
Parker Schnabel and his former girlfriend, Ashley Youle

Since she was introduced as Parker Schnabel’s girlfriend, Ashley went on to make several other appearances in 24 episodes of Gold Rush. In a sitdown interview with Maxim, the successful reality television star talked about how much of a support Ashley has been to his goal to find 5000 ounces of gold in season 7 among other things. In January 2017, Schnabel got fans angered when he announced on Facebook that he would soon be revealing his baby to them, only to twist the plot and reveal that the “baby” in question was just a fur baby – his new dog.

Ashley Youle Earns A Living Working As A Veterinary Nurse

Parker Schnabel’s ex-girlfriend is an Australian national who earns her livings as a nurse in the field of veterinary medicine. However, her two years with the gold miner was spent working on his team. According to Parker, Ashley’s sunny presence was a bright part of his day and he acknowledges the fact that she was a huge help. The miner said Ashley was great to be around, great for him, as well as being a really supportive girlfriend.

He claimed Ashley had the capacity to handle multiple tasks during her time with him, and he put her in the Gold Room alongside Chris Doumett who was previously part of Hoffman crew. Youle took charge of cleaning gold worth millions of dollars and she was clearly a big part of the gold miner’s success.

Parker And Ashley Called it Quits in 2017

In what seemed totally unexpected, Parker Schnabel broke hearts in season 8 on the episode, Win Big Or Die Trying, when he announced that he and Ashley had split in 2017. From the developments of the previous season, fans and viewers were already elated by the idea of a hardworking young man finally finding love. Rather than point fingers, Schnabel maturely stomached the blame for the split.

As he pointed out, he got carried away by work and failed to prioritize their relationship. Parker took it as a personal failure on his part. Besides, having a private time as a couple was a huge issue as The Discovery film crew was always on their trail, sending out drones after Ashley and Parker in a bid to catch a glimpse of them.

Thus, they never really gave the young couple the chance to build their love, and given that Parker sometimes works round the clock, finding time together was almost impossible. Schnabel always expressed regret at not making his relationship with Ashley work.

Following the split, there have been rumors of him dating assistant producer Sheena Cowell. However, Cowell’s Instagram post dated July 15, 2018, which showed her dressing up to attend a wedding ceremony in Serbia with her man, silenced every rumor of a relationship between herself and Parker Schnabel.

Parker Schnabel Appears To Have Moved On With Tyler Mahoney Since Ashley

Since Ashley left his life, things seem to be taking a new turn for Parker Schnabel as he appears to have moved on with a woman who goes by the name Tyler Mahoney. According to reports, their paths crossed during the most recent season of Gold Rush spinoff as Parker left Alaska to explore the abandoned mines of Australia.

Tyler and Schnabel seem to have a lot in common as the 23-year-old’s family is also neck-deep into the business of gold mining. The Mahoneys can boast of a long line of Australian gold prospectors. Reports say that Tyler has taken Schnabel under her wings as the duo search for gold. Parker found the perfect companion in Tyler as she has brought her experience, knowledge of the environment, history of her locality, and the unique ability to leverage her local contacts for support to the table.

From what is perceivable, the pair hit it off from the word go as their onscreen chemistry is more than palpable. Besides, having so many things in common is another unifying factor. The two are both young and thanks to their wealth of experience, they have earned tremendous respect as gold prospectors. The possibility of romance between them has not gone unnoticed as the viewing public has come to believe gold is far from being the only thing on their minds. Tyler may soon become the next Parker Schnabel’s girlfriend or she already is.

Parker Schnabel’s Family Members Are Connected To Gold Mining In Alaska

Parker Schnabel has his roots in Haines Alaska where his family lives. Apart from his grandfather, John Schnabel, who is credited with being the owner of the family gold mining business known as Big Nugget, nothing much is known about his parents and siblings. His father has been accurately identified as Roger Schnabel and his mother goes by the name Nancy Schnabel. The reality TV star is not the only child of his parents as he grew up alongside one sibling – Payson Schnabel.

John Schnabel

Parker Schnabel
John Schnabel image source

John Schnabel is Parker’s grandfather, the patriarch of the Schnabel family, and perhaps the most prominent of them all as he was the owner of Big Nugget mining company. Parker started following in his grandpa’s footsteps when he was just five years of age, working with the old man in his company and before his feet could touch the pedals, Parker Schnabel was already operating heavy machinery under the supervision of his grandpa.

When Parker made his debut appearance in the first season of Gold Rush, the crew was still under the leadership of John Schnabel. However, John was ready to step down by the second season, and everything changed as he put his grandson at the helm of affairs. Thus, Parker stepped in to fill the old man’s shoes championing the day to day operations of the mine.

It goes without saying that the young gold miner enjoyed a very close relationship with his grandpa as the duo shared a very strong bond. Parker gives John the credit for teaching him most of the things he knows about gold mining. According to the reality television star, his favorite memory from mining is being mentored by his grandfather. John is long dead, the patriarch of the Schnabel family died just a month after he turned 96 years of age. However, losing his beloved mentor has not doused Parker’s zeal for gold mining one bit.

Roger Schnabel 

Parker Schnabel
Roger Schnabel image source

He was born on the 17th of February 1954. Apart from being neck-deep in the gold mining business, Parker’s dad Roger Schnabel іѕ аlѕо а rеmаrkаblе buѕіnеѕѕmаn; he іndереndеntlу hоldѕ thе оwnеrѕhір оf thе Ѕоuthеаѕt Rоаd Вuіldеrѕ. his endeavors hаvе еvеntuаllу fеtсhеd hіm аn іmmеnѕе nеt fоrtunе, whісh іѕ hіghlу ѕіgnіfісаnt tо іmаgіnе аnd рrаіѕеwоrthу. He is currently enjoying a fortune estimated at $7.5 million.

Payson Schnabel

Parker Schnabel
Payson Schnabel image source

Payson Schnabel is Parker Schnabel’s older brother by a few years though his date of birth is not known. he is equally involved in the family gold mining business but not as much as Parker. Payson has made appearances in quite a few episodes of Gold Rush. he also shares a very close bond with his grandfather John.

He First Struck 1,029 Ounce of Gold Worth $1.4 million

Over the years, Parker Schnabel’s gold mining stint has put him in line as heir to his family’s gold empire. The young Alaska-born has successfully managed the family business and combined it all with other investments in the Big Nugget company. After ditching college, the youngster channeled his college funds towards setting up his mining operation. With an explorer’s mind, Parker Schnabel soon struck gold; a whopping 1,029 ounce of precious metal.

As per sources, the find was worth over $1.4 million. He began leading a team of miners who were at the time twice his age. Since the Gold Rush series began, Schnabel has continued to discover new ounces of gold and in the last season, he stumbled on gold valued at $3.7 million.

Parker participated in a Q&A session on Facebook when a fan inquired about the biggest gold nugget he had ever found. In response, the Alaskan native responded that it was about a $400-$500 nugget weighing around half an ounce.

Parker Schnabel’s Net Worth Is Calculated In Excess Of $8 Million

The gold mining business sphere is filled with a host of miners who are still hoping to make a giant discovery with the next dig. Quite a few have recorded success in varying degrees but there are still many who are not just lucky with this line of business. However, the story is different for the Alaskan born gold miner, Parker Schnabel.

Gold Rush has paid off big time for Schnabel. On one season of the show, Schnabel reportedly earned over $1 million. His pay has since increased and as of 2019, Parker has over $8 million in net worth, all of which he made from his mine work and the Gold Rush show. The youngster earns around $25,000 for each episode he appears in on the show and when you take a cumulative of the number of episodes he has appeared in so far, the picture begins to get clearer.

He Doesn’t Seem To Be Extravagant With Spending Like Other Famous People

Despite his huge fortune, the Alaska-born lives a highly conservative lifestyle. Parker doesn’t own any fancy toy akin to the rich. Rather he seems to be plowing back what he makes into the business. According to sources, Schnabel sank $600,000 to erect his customized wash plant to speed up his mining work and ease the process for his workers.

Parker Schnabel is always talking about how he is averse to acquiring expensive gadgets, including automobiles as he has no need for them. This policy of his is even extended to owning a home, majorly because the youngster didn’t know exactly where he wanted to live. Thus, Parker was then homeless, spending his spare time in an improvised shelter like in trailers and caravans until he decided on where to live. After he took the decision to purchase his home in Alaska, Parker went ahead to buy his dream house in his place of birth. The house which is a sprawling mansion equipped with modern amenities had its worth estimated at over $950,000.

Even before he started making money, Parker did not live from hand to mouth. As the grandson of John Schnabel, he had a college fund set up for his university education. However, reports said that Parker gave up the chance of acquiring higher academic qualifications and opted to tow the path of gold mining, using his college fund to start-up his own business.

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