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Parker Schnabel is an American gold miner who shot to fame for his appearance on the popular reality TV series, Gold Rush Alaska, which airs on Discovery Channel or any of its affiliated stations. Some say the tedious business of gold mining may not be an attractive one for a person Schnabel’s age. However, when you consider that his father and grandfather were topnotch gold miners who had mastered the precious metal like the back of their hands, it’s easy to understand why the youngster chose this path. This time, we answer a more personal question, does Parker Schnabel have a girlfriend or is he married? This is because part of being on the show means Schnabel’s love life will also come into question from viewers and fans alike. While some still believe Ashley Yule has the front seat in the gold miner’s heart, we go into the details to give you more than names.

Does Parker Schnabel Have A Girlfriend?

Over the years, Parker Schnabel’s gold mining stint has put him in line as heir to his father’s gold empire. The young Alaska-born has successfully managed the family business and combined it all with other investments in the Big Nugget company. Seeing his decisions over the years, one wouldn’t call Schnabel a white-collar-inclined kind of guy. After ditching college, the youngster channeled his college funds to set up his mining operation. With an explorer’s blood coursing through his veins, Schnabel soon struck gold; a whopping 1,029 ounce of precious metal.

As per sources, the find was worth over $1.4 million. He began leading a team of miners who were at the time twice his age. Since the Gold Rush series began, Schnabel has continued to discover new ounces of gold and in the last season stumbled on gold valued at $3.7 million. As Schnabel puts it, all of these wouldn’t be possible without the kind support of the love of his life. Let’s get to know her. 

Parker Schnabel
Parker Schnabel and his former girlfriend, Ashley Youle

Although Parker Schnabel isn’t married, there’s no doubt he had a girlfriend. Since they met in Australia, Ashley Youle, a nurse, has been in a romantic relationship with the young miner. He introduced her in season 7 and since then, Ashley has appeared in 24 other episodes of Gold Rush. In a sitdown interview with Maxim, the reality Tv star talked about how much of a support Ashley has been to his goal to find 5000 ounces of gold in season 7.

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Are They Still Together?

In what seemed totally unexpected, Parker Schnabel broke hearts in season 8 on the episode, Win Big Or Die Trying, when he announced that he and Ashley had split. From the developments of the previous season, fans and viewers were already elated by the idea of a hardworking young man finally finding love. Rather than point fingers, Schnabel maturely stomached the blame for the split.

As he points out, he got carried away by work and failed to prioritize their relationship. He took it as a personal failure on his part. Following the split, there have been rumors of him dating assistant producer Sheena Cowell. However, Cowell’s Instagram post dated July 15, 2018, which showed her dressing up to attend a wedding ceremony in Serbia with her man, silenced every rumor involving her with Schnabel. As of this writing, it is still not clear who the woman in Parker Schnabel’s life is.

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How Much is He Worth

Gold Rush has paid off big time for Schnabel. On one season of the show, Schnabel reportedly earned over $1 million. His pay has since increased and as of 2019, he has over $3 million in net worth all of which he made from his mine work or from the Gold Rush show. He earns $25,000 for each episode he appears on the reality TV show.

Despite his huge fortune, the Alaska-born lives a highly conservative lifestyle. He doesn’t own any fancy toy akin to the rich. Rather he seems to be plowing back what he makes into the business. According to sources, Schnabel sank $600,000 to erect his customized wash plant to speed up his mining work and ease the process for his workers.

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