What Is Parker Schnabel’s Age And Does He Have A House Or Mansion?

Following the footsteps of his grandfather, Parker Schnabel has established himself in the field of gold-digging, having become one of the most recognized miners in the United States. He was shot to fame as a result of his appearances on the Discovery Channel’s Gold Rush, a reality show where his extraordinary mining talent is being depicted. Through his remarkable achievements on the shows, the TV figure has been able to attain a financial value that is said to be in millions of dollars. To learn more about Schnabel’s age, acquisitions, and net worth.

What is Parker Schnabel’s Age?

The young gold-miner who is the son of Roger and Nancy Schnabel was born on the 22nd of July 1994 in Haines, Alaska, United States. His father is a businessman who’s also into gold-mining. He serves as the founder of Southeast Road Builders, a construction company that has been constructing roads in Alaska for the past forty years. Just like his son, he has also appeared on the reality show but on very few occasions. Schnabel has an elder brother called Payson who is following the footsteps of their father and also works as a project engineer on construction sites.

The reality TV star is also known as the grandson of one of the eminent miners in the country, John Schnabel who passed away at the age of 96 in March 2016. Prior to his demise, he was among the main cast of Gold Rush and also served as the owner of a property at Porcupine Creek which later became known as the Big Nugget Mine.

Parker Schnabel
Parker Schnabel (R) with his brother (L) and grandpa (M) (image source)

At What Age Did He Begin His Career?

While growing up, Parker Schnabel spent his summers at his grandfather’s mine during which he learned how to carry out mining operations. When he turned sixteen years of age, he began to run the daily operations of the mine while still in high school. Following the completion of his basic education in 2012, Schnabel set up his own mining venture with his college trust fund.

Having been instructed and trained on how to operate the equipment used for gold-digging, Parker Schnabel purchased larger and more sophisticated equipment in 2012 when he and his crew excavated 191 oz of gold, valued at $250,000. In the next year, he found a season total of 1,029 oz of gold worth about $1.4 million. Later in the fifth season of the TV show, he doubled his tally in the previous year as he excavated 2,538 oz, worth close to $3 million. Schnabel has maintained a remarkable gold-digging record in several seasons of the show as he has set for himself a target of 6,000 oz valued at $7.2 million in the tenth season of the show which premiered on 11th October 2019.

How Old Was Parker Schnabel When He Became a Millionaire?

It was reported that Parker Schnabel’s net worth was estimated at $1 million in the year 2015. The young mining expert became a millionaire in his early 20’s, thanks to his successful endeavors. He has since grown to become a fan favorite as a result of his impeccable work ethic coupled with a determination that has enabled him to carry out breathtaking exploits at his young age. When he was 21 years old, he excavated 3,372 oz worth almost $3.5 million and later increased his tally in the following year to 4,300 oz valued at over $5 million.

So far, Schnabel has reportedly excavated more than $13 million worth of gold since he kicked off his business operations. Most recently, his networth has been estimated at a whopping $8 million.

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Does He Have a House or a Mansion?

In early 2018, rumor had it that the gold-digging specialist has a luxury house in Alaska worth about $950,000. However, in March 2018, Parker Schnabel addressed the rumor on his Twitter handle where he tweeted that he doesn’t have any house anywhere and jokingly stated that he was homeless. He has further disclosed that his biggest priority is improving his business operations for which he has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in buying new equipment.

The cost of maintenance for those big excavators, jet boats, sandbox and other machinery which he has in his possession are said to run in six figures too. Surprisingly, instead of Schnabel spending his money in the purchase of luxury cars and mansions, he puts his money back into his business where it yields more income.


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