Passion Java’s Net Worth, Houses and Cars

Passion Java is a controversial Zimbabwean preacher, entrepreneur, socialite, music promoter, and author with a net worth of $50 million.

The 36 year old dresses and lives the way he would like to be addressed – that is, rich. His lifestyle, to many, is considered to be lavish because he flaunts his wealth on social media. This in itself is not an issue, as his net worth shows that he can afford such a lifestyle, but what many consider is his position as a prophet and the head of Passion Java Ministries.

What is Prophet Passion Java’s Net Worth?

The Zimbabwean charismatic clergyman is one who is well acquainted with being tongue-lashed by the public due to his active show-off of wealth to mesmerize the public. Once, he bought a customized gold-plated iPhone 11s. This does not even put into consideration the fleet of cars he owns, the helicopter, or his over $2 million houses in California.

Although Prophet Passion Java has not openly declared his net worth, sources have it that the affluent preacher has up to $50 million to his name, and we would be exploring the various endeavors that contribute to his massive fortune below:

The Church (Passion Java Ministries)

Passion Java started his ministry at the early age of 22, in 2010. Any other information prior to this has been kept secret by the man of God. However, when he started, he began by ministering in The Tabernacle of Grace Ministries, alongside his brother, Apostle B. Java before he decided to start his own ministry.

The young preacher began to hold interdenominational services in his hometown, Chitungiwa, Chitungiwa Aquatic Complex, Zimbabwe. He later took the ministry further and opened a television station. At 22 years of age, he began to gather massive crowds, as miracles backed by powerful preaching were the order of the day in his services. Though he started in Zimbabwe, his ministry began to expand into South Africa and he made the headlines in South Africa after accurately telling the identity numbers of several strangers.

The preacher’s widespread influence made him change the name of the ministry from Kingdom Embassy to Passion Java Ministries. With this, the ministry remains a huge source of income for the man of God, despite the many controversies he has been linked to.

How Does Passion Java Make Money From His Church?

Despite the seeming public life that Passion Java lives, he has not disclosed how much of the money he uses on shoes, clothes, cars, and so on comes from his church. However, some notable ways he earns from the church include:

  • Mentorship
  • Sales of Books (he writes faith-based books)
  • Free will donations
  • Invitations to Minister

All of such payments mentioned above are non-refundable. With his branches in the United States of America, Zimbabwe, Bahamas, and other countries, Passion Java definitely makes sumptuous amounts from these avenues.

Passion Java’s Real Estate Investments

Though a pastor, Passion Java is also a business mogul – he owns several properties in South Africa. Some of his properties were acquired with the help of his large sphere of influence, which came through his services in his ministry. He currently owns several properties in South Africa, Zimbabwe, and a number of them in the U.S as well.

Music Videos and YouTube

Passion Java studio is one arm of his enterprises that earns him a lot of money. It would interest you to know that this renowned studio is located in Harare’s posh Borrowdale neighborhood, Zimbabwe, and it was set up to meet up to the standards of well-known South African music studios like MTV Base and Channel O. The studio is state-of-the-art, fully equipped soundproof with cutting-edge recording equipment. He built the studio as a place where gospel singers could record their songs for free and even aid brilliant artists who are having difficulty with equipment to break into new grounds.

More so, Passion Java is notable as the sponsor of the Zimdancehall artist named Enzo Ishall and producers like Levelz. Enzo Ishall, Sharkboy, Mad Viper, Poptain, Hwinza, Cantolman, Chifinhu, Cici, Uncle Epatan, Boss Pumakol, Bounty Lisa, X- Fayah, Master H, and Bazooker are among the musicians featured on the Passion Java Riddim, which was released by Chill Spot Records in March 2019.

Passion Java songs have also recorded millions of views on YouTube and his videos on his channel are quite popular as well. The song ‘Patati Patata’, which was produced at his studios accumulated 2 million views within the first 48 hours of its release on YouTube. YouTube clearly counts as a source of income for him too.

Brand Endorsement Deals

Passion Java’s source of wealth also includes brand endorsement deals. The businessman is known to have signed a deal with the international fashion brand, Gucci. This has helped to boost his fortune massively.

Passion Java’s House

Passion Java remains one of the African prophets who do not shy away from making public their flashy lifestyles and wealthy properties. One of his luxurious possessions that got the attention of the public is his house which was estimated at $3 million. The house has enough space for his cars, as well as an elevator.

In terms of fashion, dress style, or outfit, the prophet does not spare any dime. He spends a lot on expensive watches, shoes, clothes, and any other necessary accessories. Sometimes he makes his way to social media and painstakingly announces the worth of everything he is wearing. He is also fond of wearing the Gucci brand.

Asides from spending on himself, Passion Java also spoils his pastors with luxury gifts. One time, he went on a shopping spree, where he bought two Range Rover cars for his senior pastors as gifts, alongside several other personal purchases. This seemingly lavish lifestyle is what gives rise to the questioning of his authenticity as a man of God.

He Has A Stunning Fleet Of Cars

Passion Java
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The flamboyant pastor is not only keen on his dress style as he has good taste and a great interest in automobiles as well. He owns a spectacular fleet of cars, the names of which include an Aventador, Maserati Granturismo, Audi R8, Jaguar XJ, Roll Royce, Mercedes Benz GLE, and a Lamborghini amongst others.

Some of Jassion Java’s notable cars and their estimated cost are as follows:

  • Lamborghini Aventador – $1, 000,000
  • Maserati Granturismo – $342,000
  • Rolls Royce – $311,900
  • Lamborghini Urus – $218,000
  • Audi R8 – $169, 000
  • Jaguar XJ – $85, 000
  • Mercedes Benz GLE – $55,000
  • Helicopter – Over $1,000, 000

Passion Java is definitely not one who wants to slow down in showcasing his wealth. More so, despite the criticisms he seems to face, he would always have the support of his members, who in his defense said that he is only showing off God’s good works, as a testimony. The preacher has also responded to all the backlash on social media that since grew up in poverty but now has more money, he would show it off.


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