Pastor Evan Mawarire Calls For A Massive But Peaceful Uprising

Zim Pastor Evan Mawarire, the pioneer of the peaceful #ThisFlag movement has called for a massive but peaceful uprising in Zimbabwe.

Pastor Evan made this calling at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa on Thursday night.

He told the crowd, many of whom were Zimbabweans who had left their homeland due to hardship, that Zimbabwe no longer holds the promise it once did.

Mawarire had been forced to leave Zimbabwe to South Africa after a Zimbabwean court threw out a case made against him on the charge of treason by the Zimbabwean government.

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Some days after the incident, President Mugabe called out Pastor Evan, challenged his calling as a pastor and told him if he does not like the way Zimbabwe is run, he should leave the country. He made this call to other Zimbabweans who have issues with the way the ruling ZANU-PF is ruling the country.

This had raised questions from followers and supporters of the #ThisFlag movement that Mawarire has left Zimbabwe for good. He, nonetheless, addressed this issue saying:

My country is Zimbabwe. It is my home. I live there. If you are going to arrest me, you will arrest me at home. If you are going to kill me, you will kill me at home.

He urged the people present not to resort to violence stating that the Zimbabwean government “cannot deal with people that are genuinely peaceful.”

“Violence begets violence, and that is something that you and I have to make a decision to be different on going forward,” he told the crowd who cheered him on.

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This month of July has seen numerous protests staged by Zimbabweans who are frustrated with the way the current government which has been in power since 1980 is ruling.

92-year old President Mugabe has, however, reiterated numerous times that he does not plan to step down and would rule as long as he lives.