Pastor Evan Mawarire Arrested At Harare Airport

Pastor Evan Mawarire, the Zimbabwean pioneer of the This Flag movement has reportedly been arrested by the Zimbabwean police.

According to Mawarire’s lawyer, he was detained at the Harare airport and charged of subverting a constitutionally elected government.

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According to Police spokeswoman Charity Charamba, Mawarire had been arrested on the grounds of an outstanding arrest warrant.

She stated that although Evan Mawarire had fled the country, it in no way nullified the arrest warrant.

“He skipped the country but, as you know, going to America was never going to wash away his crimes. We were waiting for him to return,” she said.

Following the rise of the This Flag movement, Pastor Mawarire left Zimbabwe after *

Pastor Mawarire became a voice for the Zimbabwean people when he launched the #ThisFlag campaign which became a beacon of light in the dark unseemly state of affairs run by the present government in Zimbabwe. The ThisFlag movement caused him to receive backlash from the President himself who accused him of being sponsored by the West.

At the time of his departure, the government heralded it as a sign that he was indeed being sponsored by the West.

Information Minister, Christopher Mushohwe at the time said to reporters, “Mawarire has since shown his true colours and is now where he truly belongs in the arms of his handlers.”

Although some of his followers were betrayed by his exit of the country, others were quick to note that the ThisFlag activist was much better alive than dead, seeing as the Zimbabwean government have in time past done all they could to silence protesters.

Prior to his return, he predicted that he would be arrested, during an interview with the Daily Maverick. 

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“I arrive at the airport and I get questioned. I arrive at the airport and I get arrested,” he predicted. “[Or] I arrive at the airport and they ignore me. I go to my house, and they arrest me there a few days later. Or they abduct me, which is even worse. Or maybe they just ignore me completely. I just don’t know what is going to happen, ” he said.