Pastor And Congregants Flee From Church Over Alleged Devil Appearance

It is not clear when and where in Africa this funny incident happened. But for the fun of it, let this be the story to launch you into the weekend. You could learn a thing or two from this devil appearance story.

A Pentecostal church congregation in this African city was just settling down for the sermon when a mischievous boy secretly took a microphone and hid between 2 loudspeakers in the church. Without anyone noticing, the boy started to make “devilish” sounds. The church went quiet for a while trying to decipher where the sound was coming from.

The voice introduced himself as the devil and informed the church members that they were all in hell at the moment. The voice went on to ask those who believe in God to show themselves by a raise of hand, funny enough no one responded. Instead the entire congregation was studded with fear. With no response, the devil told them to sit on the ground as they await further instructions.

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Devil Appearance

Overwhelmed with fear the pastor first raced out of the church and the congregation followed, almost creating a stampede. The sight of the racing, and falling and pushing and getting stuck at the door way, ruined the mischievous boy’s devil appearance show as he started to laugh. Then it was clear that someone was playing a fast one on them. The technician searched for the extra microphone on the lectern but could not see it. That confirmed it was a blatant trick – the devil appearance was hoax.

As the technicians calmed the rowdy congregants, the pastor relocated his microphone and began to speak in tongues in a radical way. Only at that point did he realize that “the devil was a liar”.

The more the drama, the more the boy laughed out even louder in his hiding place. On discovering the naughty boy, he was almost “roughed up” but some church members and his allies came to his rescue. In his apology he included his reason being that he wanted to test the faith of the church members. And boy… he sure did a great job at that…

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