Pastor Evan Mawarire Arrested At Harare Airport

Pastor Evan Mawarire recently arrived in the United States with plans to rally Zimbabweans in the US during the next UN meeting of heads of states has received harsh criticism for his departure.

Pastor Mawarire became a voice for the Zimbabwean people when he launched the #ThisFlag campaign which became a beacon of light in the dark unseemly state of affairs run by the present government in Zimbabwe. The ThisFlag movement caused him to receive backlash from the President himself who accused him of being sponsored by the West.

The government has decided to pick on this news to support their claims of him being supported by the bigger powers.

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Information Minister, Christopher Mushohwe said to reporters, “Mawarire has since shown his true colours and is now where he truly belongs in the arms of his handlers.”

There’s no doubt that Pastor Mawarire’s exodus to the US has become a cause for concern among his followership.

Pastor Mawarire more useful alive than dead

In July, he was imprisoned and faced a possible death sentence for treason. The case was, however, flung out the window by the court. Following the ruling, Pastor Mawarire fled to neighbouring SA due to safety concerns. However, he used the opportunity to rally Zimbabweans in South Africa, urging them not to give up in the peaceful fight against the miscreancies of the current government.

Mawarire has in time past stated that he fears for his life. Mugabe’s government has seen some notable voices opposing the government ‘disappear’. Popular among them is Itai Dzamara, a prominent critic of Mugabe’s government, who, like Pastor Mawarire rallied peaceful protests against Mugabe’s 36-year-old government.

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The #ThisFlag pioneer has nonetheless added that he plans to stage an anti-government protest at the UN assembly of heads-of-states happening next month in the United States.

Gabriel Shumba, a human rights lawyer who himself fled Zimbabwe in 2003 came to the rescue of Pastor Mawarire saying:

“The public anger is understandable in that the youth thought they had found a leader in Mawarire. They had found their voice, now they feel deserted. But then, he is more useful alive than dead, plus the movement has already taken root.”