My Wife Belongs To The Kitchen – Patience Jonathan Reacts To Buhari’s Comment

Former Nigerian first lady, Patience Jonathan reacts to Buhari’s sarcastic comment that his wife belongs to the kitchen.

The Aso Rock drama seems to be making headlines for a couple of days now.

The First lady, Aisha Buhari, recently granted an unprecedented international interview. In the interview with BBC, she made it clear that she had her reservations about the present administration and the APC party.

She also insinuated that a “few people” have now taken control of Aso Rock. Aisha Buhari also warned the President that in a case where he (Buhari) bids to run for office again in 2019, she will not campaign for him.

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“He is yet to tell me but I have decided as his wife, that if things continue like this up to 2019, I will not go out and campaign again and ask any woman to vote like I did before. I will never do it again.”

Buhari, on a trip to Germany, has replied his wife’s comments in a way that raises eye brows.

Merkel receives President of Nigeria

While in Germany and in the presence of the German President, Chancellor Angela Merkel, during a joint press briefing, Buhari ridiculed the first lady, reducing her 2019 campaign warnings to a mere bluff.

“I don’t know which party my wife belongs to, but she belongs to my kitchen and my living room and the other room.”

The reply stunned the female president who later waved it with a laughter.

Many have assessed the comment as a mark of democratic backwardness in the nation. The comment came off as a slight to the number one woman in the country.

Making a case of the kitchen comment was the former Nigerian first lady, Patience Jonathan. As a staunch activist for women and children empowerment, Patience Jonathan advised Nigerian women to move beyond the kitchen.

Hear her:

“Nigerian women should no longer go back to the kitchen. It is not our portion to go back to the kitchen. We have women that are capable. We can contribute our quota to the development of Nigeria.”

“We have women that are capable. We can contribute our quota to the development of Nigeria.”

Garba Shehu, the official spokesperson to President Muhammadu Buhari, quickly came to Buhari’s rescue, dismissing the controversial comment as the President’s “sense of humor”.

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He went further to say that the President really respects women. He did this with the example of Kemi Adeosun whom he says holds the most important office in the country.

Africa still upholds the virtue that a woman is the major figure in upholding the home front, but casually throwing it in the open, as sarcastic as the president did was denigrating to women in Nigeria.

One could easily conclude that this is a glaring sign of the marginalization of the female gender in the country. The President may have succeeded in appearing sexist in the international spotlight.